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But also perhaps a bit creepy. Still, for science! :D

Doot do do, stupid training test let me get on the road already!

Whoa. Nice evolution screen! :o

Lillie! How dare! I didn't do anything, have you no faith in me. :ppp

HOW DARE! My own damn pokedex is mocking me for getting called to the office! I will pitch this thing into the ocean I swear. >:/

Okay, WHY does this shop not sell PANTS. Seriously, tiny tiny short shorts is not my idea of comfortable. There better be somewhere in these islands where i can get some damn pants.

Team Skull! Team dancypants? Team knock it off you twits? Guys. :p

"Have a look at my wares! But only look, they're not for sale!" Whaaat. :P

Thranduil the baby owl is now at maximum hearts! :D Good job me!

And teenager owl! Oh dear.

Also, I would just like to say that the lady in the cafe who wants a Drifloon is insane. Not for rejecting it because it's a ghost (though that was cruel) but for objecting that it kidnaps children on the grounds that she doesn't want kids. Like she pictured it bringing her the kids and her not wanting them?! The fuck is wrong with you, lady.

At least I get to keep the Drifloon. And nice pay for the effort, so.

Oh here we go again. Hi Team Dancypants! One member of which just admitted to having self-esteem issues.

Aaaand that's enough for now.
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