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Yes, almost all of time playing this game has now been spent trying to make my Pichu the happiest of Pichus! End goal, of course, ALOLAN RAICHU *_*

For anyone who might just be joining me, Raichu is the best thing ever and the first pokemon I wanted when I started playing this series with Yellow.

Yes, Yellow: the game which lets you start with a Pikachu that notoriously WILL NOT FREAKING EVOLVE BECAUSE IT THINKS IT IS CARTOON PIKACHU AND DAMN YOU GAMEFREAK,all these years later and yes I am still bitter.

Ahem. Anyway! Nearly there, Pichu is at 4 of 5 hearts and did a somersault when it got that newest one. :D Meanwhile, Lillie is still lost and in spite of the fact I am shipping her and my character (how can you not really) I'm just not concearned. It isn't as if I can fail to show up on time for whatever.

Also, Team Dancypants is becoming oddly adorable? I picked the mean option of pretending not to recognize them, and they switched places. Literally, as if they really thought I didn't recognize them because they weren't standing in the same spots as before.

Guys. Guuuuys. This is why you're wearing the silly matching outfits. You really need to work on the self-confidence there. :/

Whoa. So pretty and peaceful!

THE BIRDS. I have also been looking forward to the birdies. This one is Pom-Pom birdie!

Electric/flying?!?! What kind of a demon typing is that?!?!?!? (The kind that showed me the door as soon as I set foot in their meadow that's what. Seriously, I had nothing on my team that could deal with that effectively. I ran away from fights to reach Nebby. >>;; )

Okay that was anticlimatic. Or maybe it just felt dramatic because bird were kicking my ass up one side of their meadow and down the other.
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