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With the addition of a Mudbray, my squishy little donkey! And some other things, getting low on pokeballs here.

Hau. XD You are such a sweet little dork. Sure let's have a showdown.

And again, keep that bloody Pikachu away from my precious owlie. >:/

Take that! Rockruff is a very useful addition to my party, yes. <3

I finally found a cafe that sells coffee! :D

This lady's Carbink in a Luxury Ball! I love that this game shows little details like that.

Ugggh, Stoutland's item hunting is annoying for me.

MYSTERY EGG. These are always fun.

Okay, getting the hang of this Stoutland searching business! Which I'm sure will be useful? (I am not entirely sure but free stuff... )

Oh, a higher up finally! ...and excuse you? You already know my name, and you think I'm not being cautious enough about it? It doesn't enter your little head that maybe my already having a reputation is deserved?

Well. Let's correct that assumption. >:)

Wow. Okay, now I want to kick that particular Team Dancypants grunt's ass. I mean that is just hateful, mocking the guy because he was homeless? Fuck. You. Jackass.

..what is it with everything I want to capture calling for backup?! I just want to love you tiny Fomantis! :( Let me love uuuu!

Yay! Got it: my new baby murderleaves. What, it's a preying mantis. <3

A Wishiwashi! I have heard of you, oh tiniest fishies!

Got it! One precious sad-eyed baby for me :D Named sushisweet, because I am mean I guess?


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