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Let's see what this Dimensional business is about.

He's married?! Wait, to the Dream Radar lady?!?! ...lucky guy, she is smart and cute!

HOLY SHIT I LOVE THIS PLACE I WANT TO WORK HERE. No seriously, alternate dimensions and pokemon?! :D :D :D

Oooohkay then. Ominous openings in the sky, check!

Aaaand more Aether foundation people. Still don't trust you! But thanks for calming down the Diglett I guess?

Awww, Team Dancypants! Hi guys. :D Bye guys! :D

Dammit, pokemon, stop believing I'm going to come up with the best strategy when I want to just run away! How am I supposed to act on my cowardly retreat plans with you all believing in me!!!

This town is gorgeous and they sell pants. I am moving here.

Also Olivia sells evolution stones and fossils, sorry Lillie I am totally breaking up with you. *.*

I have felt this before and I clearly will again, it's a bit sacrilegious to be wandering around graves and having pokemon battles. And taking offerings!

fucking.... Seriously, Aether Foundation?! I mean, not like I can't flatten Team Dancypants, but not for U. If it gave me a choice. >.>

You know, it's really disturbing that there's a white square like a stuffed teddy's tag coming out of Stufful's butt.

Awwwww, Team Dancypants big sis is here to kick my butt. ..sweetie. Sweetie you're gonna have problems there. You and your two whole pokemon. >:)

Okay. I like Plumeria, she has class. Just perfectly calm stroll off there, very nice.

Oh we all know it's your husband, Burnet, knock it off. :p

But yay Lillie is here to heal us! ...Lillie stop being mean, if the little stardust wants to visit the ruins just take it there.

Aaaaand here we go. Her Nosepass knows Spark?!

Got it!

HA. Lillie is avoiding the Aether freaks.

Aaand I've been invited to evil Whitecoat island. And Hau said pokemon are holding it up?!?! Uh, if this is true I have some asses to kick. >:/

What. A bunch. Of pretentious little asshats. ...well, Faba is. Wicke is kind of cute, but. She works for the enemy! ....forbidding the use of pokeballs. D'you know. Who the last people to tell me I shouldn't use pokeballs were? hissssssssssss

And this'll be Lillie's mom I bet - HOLY SHIT CREEPY

She is creepy as heck and here after the interdimensional pokemons I BET YOU ANYTHING.

Shit. Dammit Hau! Now the evil bitch knows her kid's here. :( :( :(

Aaaaah something's attacking? Perhaps trying to - aaaaaa portal :D


Lady you touch that poor baby and I will kick your ass so hard the fucking maker won't recognize what's left as his work. >:/

Hau. Sweetie. You're an idiot and we need to talk about being friendly with the Whitecoats.

Ula'ula! What wonderments await me here?! ...Hau, no.


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