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Hello! And thank you for whichever of my fandoms you end up writing; I love them all and will be thrilled with any. :D

Generally, I dislike: Really explicit sex, gore (or vore), scat or watersports. Also huge age gaps and incest are definite dnw, not that I think most of fandoms even have the chance of that last.

I like: Fluff as long as it's not completely saccharine, world-building and in-character interactions. I am noticing looking over my requests now that there's a definite sort of theme that's basically character/their role in the world going on this year.

The Hobbit

I really do love the interaction between Bard and Thranduil, and I wonder sometimes how they might have met prior to Thranduil's riding in on a great elk and just assuming that Bard is in charge. What might he have known about Bard's character that would lead him to this assumption? Or did he already know because of the book canon that everyone in that region has bird spies.

Sigrid and Tauriel I requested because I saw that it was possible to, and has interesting possibilities in regards to where Tauriel goes after everything, and what Sigrid might have felt seeing her save Kili, and seeing how his loss changes her.

Child of Light This game was not long enough! We left just when things were going to get interesting, we didn't even get to see the evacuation! (okay to be fair it was plenty interesting before, or I wouldn't be requesting it) But it irks me a little when stories end with that sort of page-slamming, "And then everyone became adults and did Boring Adult Things Happily Ever After The End!" I'm an adult and I don't think Adult Things like running and rebuilding a kingdom are boring at all! Well, anymore than anything else is boring, really. I'd love to see Aurora adjusting to being an adult so suddenly, and how her friendships change as she settles into her new role. She's a great hero, but is she going to be a good Queen?

Dark is Rising Bran and Will and Jane are such an interesting trio! I always like hearing how they fit together, and what the future might hold for them whether they get their memories back or not. I love the hints that there's more to Jane and Bran than just his inheritance as Arthur's son, and her connection to the Lady. How do the three of them end up balancing things?

Bran and Herne - really Bran's eyes are the weirdest thing, given that he didn't get them from either of his parents. Does he meet Herne someday, or did he meet him in the past and just not remember properly? Did his mother meet him, wandering the mountains and looking for a way down?

Journey This game! It is so gorgeous and mysterious and simple. It leaves me with a lot of unanswered questions, like what happened with the horrible little eating-everyone machines! Who or what are the Ancestors really, and how did they end up like... are they ghosts?

Are the various carpet-creatures sentient or just very bright? They certainly aren't stupid, the little ones up the mountain have more sense about the hunting machines than the player's character. :p And what is that thing you can find in the temple stage?!

Megaman Legends Still so annoyed that they don't plan to continue this, and they've just left Megaman stranded on the moon. This series was so much fun! I like Tronne and Roll, and the way their views of the world generally and mechanics in specific just clash. Tronne is a whatever works mechanic, she has no problem jury-rigging and taking things apart and making a mess; Roll is a bit of a picky little perfectionist, who wants everything just so and within the highest standards that she can get them.

I also love that it's actually Roll's quest driving things at first, even if Megaman's the playable character.

From which you might think that Tronne would be the tomboy and Roll would be girly, but it's neat that they flipped that sort of assumption on its head and Tronne is very femme and Roll is... not so much a tomboy as it never comes up. Ever. So that I have no idea what she thinks about the subject of clothes because it is literally never discussed. <3

Tronne and her family are just precious assholes. Sure they're villains, but they are adorable villains and I love them and their deranged family antics. I mean Teisel trying to give Tronne a victory over Megaman like some giant cat dropping a present at her feet. "Sis is sad, I know what'll help! Kicking our enemies' butts! >:D"

Tiesel is such a giant dork. And we don't get to see enough of Bonne - does baby in a bot ever get to come out of the bot? Isn't that going to screw up the kid?!


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