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So, I am being chased offline, though I will return!

And it occurs to me that I can still at least check for elemental kanji in this book I have on Chinese astrology... which is not the same thing, really, but. x.x

Or maybe I will just write? XD

I shall return!
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Random questions that occured to me yesterday at work...

This and then that and what is the nature of reality, anyway? ^^; )

From an interesting little site, a list of the current Shen
Gong Wu. With my comments by them in italics. ^^

Shen-Gong-Wu Pieces )
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Why I am downloading music that is taking over am hour per song and that I won't be able to listen to until I have a new computer, I do not know. But, I am anyways.

I need to listen to more music. *nods*

Whether or not it will be of any interest, I do not know, but - Shusu?

Jack Spicer wants control of the music selection?

And this is what he keeps wanting me to listen to?

Lyrics to a Melissa Etheridge song )

O.o Yeah, he's getting ..wierd. Well, no he was wierd, he's getting wierder.

And why must Dad want me to get offline when I am still trying to download things?!


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