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And an extra apology for being so late getting this written!

Dear Author,

Hello, and thanks for writing for me! I am looking forward to whatever you write, and hope you enjoy writing it.

What I'd like, no matter which characters you choose, is world-building. How does settling in to the colony tree effect the relationship between Chime and Moon and Jade, as time goes on. It's mentioned in one of the short stories that Jade has never been interested in male warriors - is Chime an exception, or not? Might they have been interested in each other before, and would his change alter that? What does Moon think of any of this, aside from 'Raksura are wierd'. ...does he, in fact, ever stop thinking that, and adjust to the things about his own nature that would feel right now that he is with his own people?

What was Malachite and Dusk's courtship like? Was their colony a more traditional one, being so old? Or was it less so, since they'd left their first colony for a new one?

How did the half-Fell queen's father manage to survive long enough to teach his children anything? Did he adapt to Fell politics, or ignore them? And how did (and do) his children feel about the differences between themselves and their pure Fell relatives?

What is it even like for Moon and Jade's clutch, to have parents like that? And Malachite and Pearl as grandmothers? Nevermind Stone! What kind of stories do they grow up hearing about the old colony, and given the friendship between Moon and Delin, do they get to know more about groundlings than is usual for Raksura?

Have fun exploring! :)


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