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Currently debating while I should be asleep:

Do I go see 9 tonight, even though my car is still doing that overheating at stoplights thing?

For: I am going stir-crazy and want to leave the house. Also, when I first noticed this problem, I made it back okay and nothing seemed to burning or noticeably wrong, and that drive was roughly the same distance I'd be going this time.

Against: It's a scary thought that my car might crap out on me, and for all I know it would do further damage to make the trip. But it's something like 15 miles on the interstate, a little over half an hour drive time. Compared to the 8ish miles to work, something like a quarter of an hour depending on stop lights for work, it doesn't seem like that huge of a distance...

*debate debate debate*

I have been driving with it like this, and it's been okay. Dad thinks it may be a sensor problem, in which case there's nothing wrong with the engine, it's... what, basically a faulty thermometer. Hrrrrrm.

Gah I need to sleep. More thinking about this, and possibly poking yulechat, later.
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So. I don't know why I'm still up. Well, I do, because I'm trying to work on this fic for kh_drabble but.

I'm all sleepy and fuzzy and I'm not sure posting anything I managed to finish would be the best idea, yeah?

Ooooh, and I went out for coffee. Because everyone trying to sleep needs coffee! And my car started trying to overheat while I was sitting in the drive through. It didn't go into the red, but it just kept slowly climbing. As soon as I started moving, it went down some, but I parked and opened the hood to see if I could see anything, and to let the air in more.

As soon as I tried to head home and got stuck at a light, rising again. As soon as I got on the interstate, dropped back down to its usual level.

wtf, I don't know. But I'm going to try and limp along with it until I'm sure I have the money to have it looked at. I haven't noticed anything like this happening on drives to and from work, and I'll be watching for it now. x.x
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This is not an icon post, because that icon needs improving. But.

It amuses me. That scene always amuses me. It evokes a brain-hurting image of Xaldin and the Beast going to a salon or something. Seriously, look at that man's eyelashes. :P

I am sleepy. Feel free to confuse this with other brain-altering states.

Weekend so far: Much much better than last weekend. When the car fail started. Now I am minus car fail and plus trip to the bookstore, so. Yay!

Though the trip itself was interesting due to my trying to keep calm and not freak out. About halfway on the trip I realized I'd already made it past where I broke down before, which felt weird for some reason. Made it all the way to the bookstore, breathed a sigh of relief, and spent more than an hour wandering around because I didn't exactly want to get back in the car. Also, books. <3

Forced to leave by the closing of the bookstore, I got my book and coffee and a metal puzzle I didn't start on these because of Lexaeus. Seriously! ...am I fooling anyone? and got back in the car. Which of course started. And seemed to run a little smoother on the way home, even, which I think might be the new part settling in? I. Do not know. And I made it all the way home, felt much better for pulling into the driveway, turned the car off -

- and the handle of the glovebox twists in my hand. %$#@ To understand the importance of this, you need to know that the glovebox contains the garage door opener, and said opener is the only way in the house because everything else is blocked up or lost keys. x.x

So I spent a couple of minutes out there fiddling with this thing and thinking that I'd have to go and wake my Dad up to let me in the house, oh joy of joys. I mean, it's not like he hasn't lost enough sleep helping me with the car, right? Need moar breakage. But luckily, it was a twist and not a break, and I was able to sort of ease it back into place.

And no more keeping the garage door opener in there.

Plans for tonight: I need a new bra, and have a promotional coupon for 15% off which will soon expire. So, mall run! (and coffee) and then, I dunno. I am this close to beating Reverse/Rebirth (damn you and your deliciously evil voice, Ansem!) so I'll probably be doing a lot of leveling then trying to beat him, repeat until dead. (Him not me.) And maybe more screencaps, speaking of which:

Screencapping post now updated and stickied! New scenes have an asterisk.

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Tiny update, re: car drama.

Dad could not get ahold of Mike again for a bit, and when he did? There was much noise and some arguing in the background, and he got hung up on.

This, plus the fact that he was drinking while doing the previous work on the car, has led Dad to conclude that I'm better off going to Pepboys. So I'll be limping my car over there in the morning.

At least Dad's coming with me, so he can talk with them about it, and they'll know there's someone with a bit more knowledge involved than just me, and hopefully they'll be a little less inclined to rip me off. x.x
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So. Another update full of happy?

Or not so much. Water worries and car drama )

So. I will not let this get me down, even though I am a bundle of moody and on default All Is Bleak And Woeful. x.x Because even in the above drama and freaking out, there is much of the good.

Other good stuff this weekend: Inauguration! We can haz President Obama! \o/

I got my very first gold dragon egg, which I've been wanting since I started collecting dragons at the Dragon Cave. Psst this is me.

Story for me: The Orgy vs the Twelve Dancing Princesses It is funny! And full of the lovely simple imagery and Lexaeus! ^_^

And I have got some screencapping done, and intend to do more in a minute, and perhaps actually make a post sharing them at some point tonight.

And I'm almost done with Reverse/Rebirth - past Lexaeus now, which was rather sad because. Now it's only Zexion and Ansem left to go through, and it's bad enough I had to beat Lexaeus, I don't wanna beat Zexion because I know what happens next.

But. Right now, I shall step awaaay from the computer. That I might cook my dinner, since we stopped at my work for groceries after everything else.
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Just a brief note: I have returned from the Pepboys, where both the brake pads and rudders needed replacing at the tune of $240. oi.

Must recalculate bill payments later, but this probably means withdrawing a bit more.

On the other hand (and more importantly) no more worrying that the brakes will cut out on me on the interstate. I just need to get used to the new feel of them. @.@

Hugs for all, and a good night! *blames the Christmas-y tone on the stuff already being set up at work*
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We have rain! Wait, lemme rephrase that: RAIN. It probably wasn't too smart of me to go out after my mint coffee in this weather, in fact. There were some scary moments, especially up the road where an intersection looks about flooded out.

But I need mint coffee to waken me for playing with my shiny new camera! :D :D :D

Well, new to me, it is actually a hand-me-down from my grandma? Ask me if I care ;p It is also my early and combined Christmas and birthday presents. Yay me! :D :D :D

This thing is so much nicer than my old camera, which was really a starter anyway but I loved it. :/ But! Now there shall be picture taking! :D

http://www.flickr.com/photos/18114232@N00/1473237663/ Like so! ^_^

In other news, I had to take home the latest math quiz, one of about 5 of us I think? Who had to. It is sitting there waiting for me to finish it up, and I'm to turn it in first thing Thursday. x.x I'm sure I've done horribly, which makes me feel bad because Mr. Lasky was encouraging. Like 'you're good at this stuff, you won't have a problem' encouraging.

And I couldn't finish on time. -.-

And, a squealing has started up in my car that may or may not be the brakes, and I won't know until Friday as this is the earliest I'll have the money and be able to get out there. x.x

Right now, though? No worrying. Only playing with my shiny new camera, and playing FFX. And maybe re-reading the entirety of http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2903858/1/Those_Lacking_Spines, as there is a new chapter out. ^^
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Tiny update: I have absolutely no sense of time? The repair to my window happened November last year. x.x I'm not sure I have the patience to go through all that again, and for what? Another part that won't last a full year? >:/

I may just try rolling down the passenger side window.

I haven't been dropped from the class so far, and the college website is showing that my paperwork is filled out - so I'm mildly relieved. I won't be completely happy until it's paid for. ...and then I'll be in math class. x.x

I have no milk, because yesterday my brother came by and borrowed mine for the girlfriend's kids. *sigh* I forgot and left work without getting some, and now I'm debating turning around and going back out.

Because, you know. I will need coffee later.
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Last night, I get into Elizabeth and start her up, only to be shaken so badly that I slowly backed out (afraid of getting stuck in the garage) and then turned her right back off.

The shaking was not so bad next time, but still scary. So I took her into Pepboys today. You never want to hear "I've got bad news" from the mechanic. Apparently, the problem is my AC compressor. It is running. All the time, even when the AC is off.

Fixing this would involve a full AC job (?) of which the relevant bit is the cost: $1,200. Cue the !#$#%$&$ ohmygods on my part. Only not so much outloud.

Outloud, it was "Oh my god. I do not have that kind of money." Then, very sensibly I think, I asked the important questions : Is this going to affect the engine and does it have to be fixed?

Answers: Only if I run the AC, it might cause a belt to slip (? must research) and therefore, not really.

I am still slightly freaked out at the thought of those repairs. But since I don't need them, I'm also kind of relieved. Then, this solves the minor mystery of why the check engine light never came on, even with the continuing really horrible noises. Also, they didn't charge me anything. Which was decent, since they did have to spend some time poking around, I was there for nearly 3 hours. x.x

And I don't have to spend that money. So now I have a nice little overage, still, and I'm not so upset at what I did spend. -.-;

Must squee later over the cocoa and mints which arrived a day early, and the lovely packaging they arrived in. Also need to update my YGO squee, because. Seto!!! <3
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Having misread the date for the movie, you would think I'd realize I'd gotten the book-date wrong as well.

But I didn't.

So now I have to cross my fingers and call up to work tomorrow and generally worry that I've wasted my personal time. Hopefully it all gets canceled out okay.

Elizabeth did her little sputtering start again this morning.

And I appear to have made an idiot out of myself and others online.

Life is trying really hard to suck right now, huh? Right now, trying to get myself calmed down. Which might be helped with some chocolate, if I had any kind of an appetite.

Later, I'll be working on enjoying the weekend. I hope. Possibly with working on deciding what the heck I want to take for college. x.x
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FF12 )

Well. And I meant to make this part a long, thoughtful post about me and my Mom and how little we get along, but I have no time now really.

Just sitting here, running through packing lists and hoping I'm not forgetting anything, hoping that this half of the trip won't completely drive me insane - if it gets too stressful, I will come home early. That's what I'm looking at.

And I mean, listening to me talk about Mom, a work-friend pointed out that I'm driving and I could leave before things got too hostile and it damaged our relationship more. x.x

But! After all that? I will be meeting up [livejournal.com profile] shusu in Chicago! Chicago, baby! :D OMG.

Laters! ^_^
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Well, I feel worn out and frustrated right now. Mostly because I still haven't gotten myself to sit down and find my place in the NaNo.

What I have done: More cleaning

Took my car to get her oil changed, and ordered a new passenger side mirror.

I have carrots cooking right now. Yuck. But they're good for me, right?

Made a donation somewhere. :)


And yesterday, I went to pick up the newest YGO. We have reached Millennium World #5, and there are no words for the love. LOVE, I tell you!

omg, Kazuki Takahashi is insane. XD

Beware the insanity! )
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Well. Halfway. ;p

On the minus side : I fell asleep for an hour after getting up.
I got lost on the way out there, a whole hour's worth of lost and navigating twisty little roads and a small construction site to get back to the 295.
While making my way back, I got so upset about being lost and worrying that I wouldn't make it back home in time that I almost turned around and went home.

On the plus side : I didn't go home.
I did get there, and even though there was no time to get out and do anything, I got to see some of the lights and horses pulling buggies and trolleys and such.
Most importantly, I've decided that since I know my way now? I'm trying again tomorrow! ^_^ (Maybe I'll even manage to stay up once I wake up, and have that much extra time down there.)
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So after waking up in a wonderful state of weepy jittery moodiness? And blowing my lead on my word count?

I got to work. My car window would not roll up. Not quite wide open, but wide enough that anyone who wanted could've taken it. So a nice gentleman from maintance tried to open it up to get it shut for me - no good. And I ended up having to go ask the evil manager lady from heck for permission to go home for the night. Of course she didn't want to let me, but she had to check with my immediate supervisors to see if they could spare me, before telling me I couldn't leave?

I love my CSMs. Just now we don't have a bad one in the lot, which really makes the crappy upper management more bearable.

So now I am home for the night and going to use personal time to cover the missed time (if that's allowed) and work extra if it isn't because the bills are getting a bit painful right now.

And I should be a lot cheerier, considering I have this extra time for NaNo and I got a Mazzew off the Wheel of Monotony. But it feels like ice over a river, and as soon as it breaks I will be all ;_; again. Not looking forward to going up to Pepboys in the morning either, even if I am happy they're open Sunday.

Coffee. Coffee and some ice cream and some gaming before I try and tackle NaNo again, because I know if I can get going on that I would feel better.
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On the one hand, insanely sleepy and still headachey (have been all night) and yes, my mood is being determined by the Wheel o' Moody. Current stop: errmm... yay? ^^;

On the other, the above mood was influenced by getting the car insurance bill mailed off (yay insured! ouch, money. -.- ) and in one long run making up for an entire night of senselessly goofing off and missing two days' worth of NaNo - my word count's now current up to today. Erm.

I can do today's when I get up. Who knows, maybe I shall finally reach the insane goal I've had this entire time and get a day ahead before I go back to work. >.>

Land Before Time - If We Hold On Together Gauranteed to make sad people feel happier! ...or in my case, painfully sappy. But we can't have everything. :P
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Ha, and I thought my adventures in driving were possibly over. Didn't really get lost the last time, did I? But nooo. Couldn't find the eye appointment place.

And while I was typing that, I had to run out to give half of the trash to the trash guy. Decent guy, though, they just leaving as I made it and he stopped the driver to take mine.

...so, lost. Lost in a reasonably familiar place, and getting more so at every minute and worried that I was going to run out of gas - I'll be worried again when I go out and hope to make it to the gas station. That low. Panicky, emotional in the sort of way that makes me wonder if it isn't that time yet, and when I went to call Dad to see if he couldn't help me with directions, the phone was dead.
I shall be setting it to charge before I crash.

But somehow, knowing I was cut off was oddly calming, and I just set to work scouring my memory for how I might have gotten back from Baymeadows before. And it worked!

And the gas meter seemed to be behaving oddly at points. So a question for anyone who might live in more mountainous or even hilly areas - does the poisition the car is sitting in affect how much gas it thinks it has. Because the traffic was crawling so bad at some points that I was sitting in curves I normally glide through. Felt distinctly like vertigo, like omg the car's going to flip! Despite rational thought pointing out that it would take more than just sitting at this uncomfortable angle that reminded me vaugely of San Francisco, except Florida-y and therefore flat.

Okay, it is really time to sleep when my mind comes out with, in the image of a tacky used car commerical: Florida - We took California and smushed all the hills out!

Sleeping. Now.

...except for the bit where I poke Neopets because of the shiny birthday stuff it's doing.
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Well, I made it back home. I got Dad to give me directions there in the first place, since he knew how to get there without crossing the horrible Matthews bridge. (of which I have complained many times previously, and will try to restrain myself. x.x )

It was wonderful, I went over the Fuller-Warren (he insisted I'd see a sign reading thusly, but I never did - however, I went over a bridge not the Matthews, so that must have been it) and made a couple of very widely spaced rights and came straight to it. None of the irritating twists and turns and cutting through downtown that I usually have to deal with, and I'm pretty sure I've got the whole thing memorized.

If only I hadn't gotten lost on the way back home, it would have been perfect. x.x But - I think I know where I went wrong, I need to remember North I-95 coming home, not South.

*insert chanting of 'North to come home' here*

And they didn't even have my Yu-Gi-Oh, but they ordered it for me and I'll be able to come get it in about a week - thus giving me an excuse to get coffee again. Meanwhile finally noticed a copy of the first issue of Yami no Matsuei, and The Snow-Walker by Catherine Fisher, which looks interesting. Also I found the most wonderful little things: they're called Book Darts. Paper-thin little metal arrows for marking a place and line you want to remember without dog ear-ing a book. 18 to a pack, I'm wondering how long it will take me to go through them.

And when I opened it (they're packaged like bookmarks, a thin plastic sheath with two rows set on the adveristing slip) I found the most perfect quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson used inside: "Sure he is that he read it there, but no one else ever read it, nor can he find it again, though he buy the book and ransack every page."

And having done the ransacking every page bit myself... *dead*

ETA: I have been gifted with Watership Down fic! *_* Go, go read here: The Story of Marli-hrair and the Black Rabbit of Inle
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Things accomplished this weekend:

#25 through 28 capped! Starting on 29 once I finish this entry. ^_^

Washed my car, which desperately needed it. x.x

And really that's about it. The screen capping is eating my braaaiiins. :)~

At work, well... ranties )
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Work soon, but at least I have Elizabeth back? Turned out to be a crank shaft sensor. At least they didn't charge me for the towing or diagnostic, considering the first turned out to be wrong. >:/

Aggravated and moody right now, but that will pass. And it's not like I entirely wasted my weekend, what with the progress made on the shiny project of secret. >:)
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Well, still no word on Elizabeth yet. Though I did call a few times to see if they'd found out what was wrong. x.x

Meanwhile, I'm actually feeling pretty good, since I'm forcing myself to be productive while waiting. This allows me to almost forget that I'm waiting.

Ha. I shall be calling again first thing when they open.


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