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So I got behind on drabblevember again, and started working to catch up. Which ended up with me getting crazy ambitious, and deciding to do two sets of characters, for my favorite worlds in Birth by Sleep. Two were written yesterday, and the rest today.

I am now several days ahead, but still planning to stick to the schedule of 1 per day. ^_^

And I present!

Radiant Garden )

Land of Departure )
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Ven's path to the end )

Yep, need to do Aqua's path over.
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Ven's path continues )

Bleah, and then I fell asleep. So I'll be picking this up later, and at least I'll get my cutscenes tonight!

Even if I have to replay Aqua's path to get the extra sequence/ending/whatever it is. A hardship! D:

Not. :D ♥

*rolls around in the glee that was Radiant Garden*
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Why did it take me so long to get started. Day is almost half-gone!

Oh wait, there was the library and pizza and stuff. Okay then.

Ventus's path begins )
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Terra's path to the end )

Wait, what?! How did I not notice that I can watch cutscenes already?! Excuse, have something to be watching over and over and over, take a wild guess what. :D :D :D
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Alright, after a long day of other stuff - laundry, some reading while at the laundrymat, assorted other goofing off! It's back to the game.

Terra's path continues )
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I need an icon for this game.

Aqua's path ends )

Heeey waitaminute! This still leaves many many things unanswered. Questions people, I has them!

*resolves to wait until all paths are cleared, in Proud Mode so as to unlock secret ending*

Which means I'll be doing Aqua's path again. :P
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Alright! After a lazy morning/early night (yay for my schedule being more screwy than usual) it's back to the game!

Also I did some cleaning. But that was booooring. :p

Aqua's path continues )
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Aqua's path up to Disneytown )

And now sleeping, brought to you by the psp dying on me. Also my being really really tired - shifting to day schedule a bit, for my vacation. But it's almost 2! zzzzzzzz


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