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So. Extra-strength pain meds make me woozy. It says one or two capsules as needed? But I've only taken one!

Clearly this is good stuff?

Actually feeling like writing, so Yuletide continues. But. I'm almost afraid to get it beta'd once finished. Because it seems like I'm making sense but it also seems like gravity is not quite functioning as it should. Floaty. Vauge conviction that things should be moving around like in zero-g.

I cannot even imagine if I'd taken two of these things.
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Okay. So I'm awake, and feeling.. okayish? Except for the bit where it feels like I had a brick smashed into the left side of my mouth. Which is wierd, because it was the right side that was hurting when this started. I guess the left were harder to get out.

The trip went okay, Lacey's kids were pretty well behaved (or too sleepy to care) for the first bit? And then she spent a lot of time keeping Michah, the two year old from acting upon the destructive hyper energies of a two year old. >> I stuck with the toddler Dalton, whose only word so far is 'huh' and named the animals in his picture book for him. Over and over and over. I don't want to see another fly or a pink lizard again. ;p

I thought the extra strength painkillers would just be there? And come home with me? But apparently I have to get a prescription filled if I want those. Which won't be happening at this time of night. But I have ibuprofen, and I'll be trying that in a minute when I have my breakfast. It says you should take food with? And this has been highlighted? Not going to argue with the highlighted medical note.

I am a little worried that the bleeding hasn't stopped yet? But I kind of fell asleep and haven't been able to follow the instructions about the gauze. Of which I am almost out. x.x It also recommends on those post-op instructions to try a wet tea bag in place of the gauze. So I'll be doing that, after the breakfast.

Also. Gmail mocks me and prevents my entry. *kicks it and its stupid 502 error* So, if anybody on Neopets sees this? Christmas Paintbrush, people. :o

I think I still have laughing gas in me from being put under. Way too talkative. And dizzy. >.> Food will help I hope?
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So. Result of dentist visit: All four wisdom teeth need to be pulled, and I'm looking at one root canal, maybe two. All my fillings need to be redone as well.

And, I have a consulting visit with the doctor I've referred to for the pulling, who will hopefully get this done before the new year. Since that's better for my insurance. This visit is tomorrow, at 2.

Tomorrow. After my exit exam. Which has me scared stiff and which I haven't had the time to study for and I am now freaking out and wondering if I shouldn't call in to work so I can spend the day studying for that.

But then, I can take the book to work with me and probably get as much done as I would staying home, where there are many more things to distract me.

On the other hand, I did like this dentist? Not at all the sort of condescending lecturing that I got out of the last one, and the receptionist was very helpful about figuring out my insurance, which I have sadly not kept up with because I never use it.


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