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So my week was the usual blah. Finished a few things, but mostly it's like my life grinds to a standstill while I'm working. I'm pretty sure the problem is lack of sleep, though. I really have to work on that.

Meanwhile, in the realm of having fun! This is my past few days of playing Re:Coded, at work during lunch and breaks.

Re:Coded )

Icon is because I suddenly realized that in a more peaceful world, I can totally picture Tobi gaming. Just button mashing away, totally ignoring Atori's lastest rant. eeeee
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So I got behind on drabblevember again, and started working to catch up. Which ended up with me getting crazy ambitious, and deciding to do two sets of characters, for my favorite worlds in Birth by Sleep. Two were written yesterday, and the rest today.

I am now several days ahead, but still planning to stick to the schedule of 1 per day. ^_^

And I present!

Radiant Garden )

Land of Departure )
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One for yesterday, and one for today! I am keeping up, mostly. :|a


the tiniest resident of headspace )

Today. Today I created a brand new kind of awesome! I crossed over Kingdom Hearts and Noein. In 100 words. I am so awesome I cannot begin to tell you. *insufferably smug*

i am not you )
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A very late start to drabblevember! But I have mono, so I am allowed to be late. And sleep a lot. And be achey and miserable often without sleeps. :(

So, in order of writing (over the past two days, but I didn't want to post until I caught up.)

1. Kingdom Hearts, Xigbar and Shan-Yu. Because I always thought he'd have got on with the Huns like it's a party. >:D

an intruder )

2. Kingdom Hearts, Castle guards, brief mention of Lea and by allusion Isa.

playing with fire )

3. Kingdom Hearts! You are surprised, yes/yes? :D Also used for #244 on kh_drabble.

we're all wolves here )

4. Echo Bazaar - A most intriguing game, delicious friends

best purchase ever )

5. Yulechat fic! No, srsly. I like Grues! :D

the failing of the hunt )

I picture them as something like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Only more likely to eat people. :D But then I also thought Jumba breaking down laughing over Stitch's impending mayhem was kind of awesome. I just got no particularly malicious vibe off Jumba - he just... likes blowing shit up? XD
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Ven's path to the end )

Yep, need to do Aqua's path over.
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Why did it take me so long to get started. Day is almost half-gone!

Oh wait, there was the library and pizza and stuff. Okay then.

Ventus's path begins )
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Terra's path to the end )

Wait, what?! How did I not notice that I can watch cutscenes already?! Excuse, have something to be watching over and over and over, take a wild guess what. :D :D :D
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Alright, after a long day of other stuff - laundry, some reading while at the laundrymat, assorted other goofing off! It's back to the game.

Terra's path continues )

Sleeep, I needs it. PSP will be charged in the morning.
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Starting Terra's path )
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Aqua's path ends )

Heeey waitaminute! This still leaves many many things unanswered. Questions people, I has them!

*resolves to wait until all paths are cleared, in Proud Mode so as to unlock secret ending*

Which means I'll be doing Aqua's path again. :P
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Alright! After a lazy morning/early night (yay for my schedule being more screwy than usual) it's back to the game!

Also I did some cleaning. But that was booooring. :p

Aqua's path continues )
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Aqua's path up to Disneytown )

And now sleeping, brought to you by the psp dying on me. Also my being really really tired - shifting to day schedule a bit, for my vacation. But it's almost 2! zzzzzzzz
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Ouch. How has it been like a month since I updated? x.x

But now! Now I am on vacation, and it will be awesome because I have Birth by Sleep. Spoilers will be abounding, do not click the shiny cut unless you want to be spoiled by incoherent glee. :D

Prologue! )

One thing I have already learned from this game - noticed it playing this when I missed it with Dissidia and Lunar.

I hold the PSP like it's freaking origami. Or like I could somehow avoid getting fingerprints on. Which makes it just a little hard to hit the buttons properly. >:P Will be working on this, and maybe it'll be easier the next time I try Dissidia. Though I never have been terribly good at fighting games.

But I want to be! How else will I ever get all the shiny stories. :/
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So. This post. This is something I haven't managed to do in a long time - something finished! That isn't drabble-length!

Well, um. Actually it is kind of a long series of strung together drabbles? But it's 3,348 words of a more or less continuous story told in drabbles! ...hush, I am proud of myself. Do not kill the squee, it's an endangered species!

What else to say about this... once upon a time, I was looking at two of my fandoms, namely Kingdom Hearts and Ronin Warriors, and I thought I would love to do a crossover. And I poked about drabbling some, and nothing much came of it, and then I heard this song: Ian van Dahl - Castles in the Sky.

End result: Zexion and Rajura, the respective illusionists of their groups, are students at a very very vaugely Lovecraftian university. And everything is peaches and research that should not be until their old pals start showing up! ..don't ask me. >.>

Other music listened to while finishing this: Legend of Zelda: Twilight's Theme * The Waterboys - Down Through The Dark Streets

Castles in the Sky )
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So I'm watching Beauty and the Beast right now, three guesses why, and I can't help but notice what an asshole the Beast is. Spoiled, violent, tempermental creep. 'Every inch a monster', indeed.

And yet, I cannot help but think that the sorceress's idea here maybe was that he should never break the spell. I mean. He's violently tempermental and then you put him into this huge hulking form while everyone around him is now furniture. Furniture! If anyone really tried to stand up to him before, he could now crush them like so many matchsticks.

Also, musical numbers - an excellent way to skip character development, y/n? >:P I mean. He's yelling, she finally yells back, and the next thing we see he's all googly eyed. No sign of conversations, no ...nothing!

Also it bothers me that she is essentially expected to do the job of teaching him to be a decent human being that his parents clearly failed to. *sigh* Right now, she's teaching him to read. She's teaching a prince to read.

Wow. For all I like this movie, it also annoys the hell out of me. XD

As recompense for all that griping, have this - A Belle/Gaston story! ...no, seriously. I haven't gone insane! It's long and it's kind of complicated and it treats them both like people, with faults and good points, rather than a rather sneaky little princess (nosy much about the West Wing? Manipulating Cogsworth ring a bell? ...I knew there was a reason I feel this urge to slash her with Maleficent) and a nasty cardboard villain.

Picture This

Further spoilery thoughts about 358/2 Days )

What? What?! I have to beat Challenges to get the secret reports I'm missing? Nooooo!

...eeem. Maybe later. I need a break. >>
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To The End )

I don't think I can even deal with reading these special reports. Not yet. x.x Besides, I suspect I'm missing some from missions gauges that didn't get filled.
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Crawling towards the end? )

And on that note, I really must sleep. @.@
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301 to 304. <3

Funtimes now? )
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Sleep? When would I have time for that? )

And now to get ready for work. Bleah.
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Getting into the 190's )

And off to work!


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