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Sugarland - Happy Ending

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Interesting things of the week:

1. My Dad called to tell me my sister was in accident? Started out with "Okay, first thing is everyone's fine, the kids are okay and Patricia wasn't hurt too much" and I'm thinking okay who died?!

Patricia, the kids and the sister-in-law are in Kevin's mom's suv. Sister-in-law is driving. The vehicle hit something and rolled. Only once, thank god, but since my dear genius sister was not wearing her seatbelt? She was thrown around inside the thing. Or as she described "I just sort of floated inside"

So I spent about half the week waiting for her to call me, since every time I tried to call her I got an 'out-of-range' message. Because yeah, Dad said she was okay, only bruised and I think he mentioned a torn muscle? But I wanted to hear my sissie, at that point.

When next I run into her physically, I will of course strangle her for not wearing her freaking seat belt. I don't care if circumstances are such that we don't see each other for 20 years, I'm gonna kill her. Come up to her at her kids' graduations or something and "Hey, remember back in 2007 when you weren't wearing your seat belt? AUGH!!!" and then the cops will take me away.

2. A long time ago, I mentioned looking for this song:

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Well, I found it. ^_^ Kurt Howell When the cd arrives, I will be ripping that to share with everyone. Also I will be listening to it over and over.

3. I have Peeps! Plenty of Peeps. :)

4. Also plenty of mint! In ice cream and candy forms. (yes these things are important ;p )

5. I? Am going to be off when the last Harry Potter comes out. No. Work. When every previous release has seen me picking it up at work. In light of this, I have pre-ordered my copy! From Barnes & Noble, who will call me when it arrives, and who have both my home and cell phone numbers so they are guaranteed to get ahold of me. The squee is killing me already XD

Tentative plans: Order a pizza (something I haven't done forever) and get some kind of dessert - like a nice mint torte! So that I don't have to worry about cooking or anything. Get the book, get coffee at B&N, come home and don't stop reading until I'm done. :D The day before will be full of cleaning and nervous pacing and making sure there's nothing at all to get in the way.

How am I going to survive until June 21st?!

6. Caves This will take a bit of planning...
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Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year!

Yesterday being Christmas Eve, I ended up across town at Dad's house, with Val and her kids. Well, the girls were out there, Kyle was off hiding. I sat and talked with everyone awhile, joking but slightly uncomfortable. And I got loved on by their dog, ack!

Me: o.o Um. Hello doggie why are you so energetic?
Doggie by the name of Bear (as voiced by Dad): New person! I don't know you, I've never seen you before, but you're my new best friend! Play with me!

XD It was not so bad after they got him to calm down some? Although Dusky went nuts sniffing at me when I got home. He climbed all over me and licked my face and I smelled like dog. :P

Of course I got presents too. From Dad and Mom, who got Dad to pick things up in her name. ...I did not expect so many presents! Really, I made this little list that I figured no matter what, Dad could find something on it. Well, between him and Mom I have:

Yami no Matsuei #7
the Riddle of the Wren by Charles de Lint ( I have been drooling over the Charles de Lint books every time I go to the bookstore after my manga, but keeping up with my Yu-Gi-Oh comes first. And I still need to catch up with the squee over how good it's getting, but an idea? Picture YnMalik holding his own severed head while talking to Mai. Isn't it Christmasy?! ;p )
Cars (I saw this while stuck in electronics the other night, and it is a silly power-of-suggestion thing? But it made me feel more confident driving. And I'll take that anywhere I can get it. ^^ )
The Goonies
my Christmas coffee! Santa's White Christmas. *sips the coconutty goodness*
and a Starbucks gift card

Final Fantasy X (I can finally catch up!)
Final Fantasy VIII (which my brother 'borrowed' once upon a time. >:p )
Parasite Eve II (disc got damaged :/ same for the first one, which I'll probably hunt down myself sometime soon - I miss the eerieness)
Breath of Fire II for the Gameboy! :D I will play the whole series - now I'm only missing I and V.

Dude. I think there were two things on that list I didn't get. A bit stunned here. @.@ I called Mom in the middle of making this entry, and spent a good half hour on the phone with her. I've been invited to drive up there and spend part of my vacation with her and Grandma, once I put in for it? I actually might.

She offered to fix Sunalarm for me, which means more than amount of Christmas presents. Made me want to cry.

After I left, I went driving around light-looking. Didn't see anything special, but I actually enjoyed myself driving for once. I went to the neighborhood near the Cummer museum? There is something magical about driving past all the lighted houses in the quiet and knowing all those people are together for Christmas. ^_^

You know, there have been things bothering me, and I was going to try and put them into words here. But now is not the time. Now is for enjoying myself and dreaming, and maybe re-reading my NaNo so I can get back to work on it - for all the strain it was putting me through, it felt good too. It's probably the single oldest story I have in me, and I kept feeling surprised by how much resonance it has with the rest of the stories. Even though the two main characters don't run into any of the others much.

Never mind noticing my own imagery and personal patterns more, and how eerie and bleak it feels that there is no Tree of any significance in there. Though there shouldn't be, since that's at the opposite end of the spectrum.

I've just generally been feeling fey and aggravated, clutching at imagery and thoughts that go by too fast to be caught. I started reading the Dark is Rising Sequence after my Yuletide was done? And didn't even notice that I actually started Will's book on his birthday until I was sitting on the porch Christmas Eve morning and reading it - and noticed some birds mobbing another one across the road. It just popped into my head that was when I had started.

Yuletide: Requiem at Reichenbach Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes, and believe me, the Professor belongs at the beginning of that. This is the beautiful, wonderful fic that was written for me for Yuletide, and while I've been told it has been rec'd already? There is no way I am going to fail to do so myself, be it the thousandth time. ^_^

Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days

Because it is the night the world begins again, no matter how much I enjoy New Year's Day. ;p


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