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Okay, rewatching Message. And I am sleepy and all, but another round of really rewatching everything and paying attention and taking notes might be in order.

English dub? Rowen sounds like a pretentious, pedantic little twit and I kind of want to slap him.

Kento still sounds adorably hard on himself and everyone else, just. Brutally honest. Yum! ...I suspect I have a certain amount of bias here. ^^;

Cye is out of his mind. Right the fuck out of his bloody fucking mind. No, seriously, he's talking about how Mukala was the ultimate warrior, fighting without any personal malice blah ultimate evolution of the armors blah dude what are you on?!

Mukala? Crazy pissed off lost in own bloodlust and fighting obsession, freaking possessed by the Black Inferno armor? As, as some pure and shining ideal that you should aspire to? The hell?! I really doubt you even met Mukala as a person unless you guys hung out in Africa for awhile. All the fighting was done possessed.

Seriously, why have I not noticed before that Cye is crazy. >.>

ETA: and the moral of this rant is that being a warrior does strange things to a pacifist's brain.

ETA the Second: now with bat emotes! (on DW) Sure, they're pink bats. But bats!

ETAs are fun! :D And Sage is a moron who's talking about Suzunagi like she's some sort of messiah who's coming to save them from their horrible fate... of what, Sage? By this point you guys have more or less normal lives, or as close to it as you're ever going to get. What. Is Your Problem.

You need to go see a therapist with Cye. Twits the both of you.

ETA: GODDAMIT KENTO. Yes. I actually forgot. And that still freaks me out. @#$%^
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So. This post. This is something I haven't managed to do in a long time - something finished! That isn't drabble-length!

Well, um. Actually it is kind of a long series of strung together drabbles? But it's 3,348 words of a more or less continuous story told in drabbles! ...hush, I am proud of myself. Do not kill the squee, it's an endangered species!

What else to say about this... once upon a time, I was looking at two of my fandoms, namely Kingdom Hearts and Ronin Warriors, and I thought I would love to do a crossover. And I poked about drabbling some, and nothing much came of it, and then I heard this song: Ian van Dahl - Castles in the Sky.

End result: Zexion and Rajura, the respective illusionists of their groups, are students at a very very vaugely Lovecraftian university. And everything is peaches and research that should not be until their old pals start showing up! ..don't ask me. >.>

Other music listened to while finishing this: Legend of Zelda: Twilight's Theme * The Waterboys - Down Through The Dark Streets

Castles in the Sky )
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Well, I should have realized New Year's Eve meant that most of the college would be closed. But I took some pictures of the fountain nearby while I was down there, and got some needed banking done.

Meanwhile, everything's going to be close tomorrow. This puts a damper on my plans, here! How am I to go to the museum if it's closed? :( I may poke my head out just in case, though. And for coffee, because surely somewhere with delicious coffee will be open? *crossing fingers*

Got my to-do list started, so that's good. Also got some modpodge for crafty purposes! :D

I don't know. I think I'll just skim through my wonderful Yuletide story again before I leave to spend New Year's Eve at work.

I'd consider printing this if I had ink. And the proper printing equipment to bind it, which I haven't wanted to do since River Sanzu. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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Back from the bookstore and some looking at Christmas lights. I had thought about going to a movie, but I just didn't feel like it. Yuletide's got me craving Troopers, and Chrono Trigger/Cross. So!

One playing on the computer while I play the other and have an early lunch. <3

Also found the cutest little thing for my late Christmas packages, which I'll finally be able to think about since I'm not flattened under other thing
s. ^_^

Recs Time!

Dec. 25th, 2007 12:01 pm
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ETA: I should be in bed, but I just hopped out of the shower and knew I wouldn't be able to sleep without posting what I'd found so far?

Okay, so I did mention my wonderful and incredible My Very Own Samurai Troopers fic, yes? SO MANY <3'ssss


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Samisen read, and be in wonderment. ^__^

Also is Night at the Museum! Malak Awwww! They are so cute! I can picture it happening, too. <3

Now, for further recs as I go along (by fandom from the end of the alphabet, as that is how I'm looking) :

Venture Brothers! Dude. I forgot how much I liked this show. Let the villainous laughing commence!

Leggy, and a Smooth Finish Especially I miss the Monarch. I did not expect I would, and yet. I can hear that shrieky crazed voice so clearly, here. >>

Cold War Christmas Brock. Dear. Head, Desk, Repeat. I need not specify which head. ... Bonus points for mention of Orpheus and the Joy Can. XD

Once and Future King:

The Mantle and The Maid Classic Arthurian tale retold. All the best fairy tales are real.

Dark is Rising:

Of The Sea Beautiful atmospheric piece. Oh, Jane. <3

This Is The Night A breath between battles and a touch of homesickness.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 The Ascent Breathe in and hold your ground before the rising of the Dark; see it through, for that which follows.

Only Revolutions Jane, Jana, Juno, Jane.

One more DiR to go, but my brain is not up it. @.@
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It began on a long and busy night (last night ;p ) , when I was busy trying to clean and half-watching, half listening to Ronin Warriors as I did.

Like so )

Now. It is 10:48 my time and I am so sleepy I could scream. Also frustrated, because I just had to hand type the sizes into those images because the 'detect' size function was not working.

But! Comments? Amusements? Questions re: my sanity, or obvious lack thereof? Love to see them when I finally crawl out of the pit of sleep! :D
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So the plumber's bill was $40 bucks, because it was a friend of Larry's. I had $20 I was using for the start of a new VCR savings, and now I don't. ^^;

Meanwhile Larry wants me to adopt his Kitty. Who is actually named Kitty. Because she keeps playing near the road and he's afraid she'll get hit. I really don't think I can afford to, not to mention the grief of getting me and Dusky adjusting to another cat. But I am looking up how he can get Kitty neutered for free, because I'm sure there's somewhere that will do this.

Now, if I could just get this nagging desire to cross Kingdom Hearts's Organization 13 and Ronin Warriors out of my head...
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Having finished Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, which has a rather bittersweet ending and made me want to choke the main character - and I'd still recommend it - I moved on to the Book of the Spider by Paul Hillyard.

Which has so far been very interesting, full of facts and myths I had no idea existed - I really liked the old English one about spiders collecting poison from flowers, the same ones bees and birds get nectar from. Because spiders are evil like that, apparently.

But then I got to the bit about Bolas spiders, who instead of spinning webs actually use one thread with a glob of sticky at the end of it to catch moths. A site with pictures! If anyone actually wants to look? About halfway down is a shot of her little weapon.

My first thought is 'Heeey - Rajura's morning star - it's accurate! Sort of...' XD
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Well, I couldn't pick one favorite, so I'll just organize by series. ;p

Yu-Gi-Oh )

Samurai Troopers )
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15 Behold The Spookiness!

That? Took me about 2 & 1/2 hours. Possibly it would have been less had I not constantly stopped to take pictures (and rinse pumpkin guts off my hands). Two of the legs aren't quite right, top right and bottom left? But I don't care! It is excellent for my very first try!

Also it's creepy. >:) I tried to get a decent picture of the shadow it casts, but of all the good dozen pictures I took of it lit, this is the only one worth sharing. The shadow seems to be a lost cause, not that that will actually stop me trying again another day. ...I hope it lasts that long?

But it was fun, especially with my little kitty helper sticking her nose in! A roughly step by step view can be found here since I didn't want to clog anyone's flist. Except for the finished product. >:D

Also! Meet my new Xweetok :Toshiotada named after Shuten Doji of Samurai Troopers. This is all [livejournal.com profile] shusu's fault, including the fact that I was late waking my Dad this morning because I was distracted trying to figure out how (and if) to edit that page. ;p

Probably later, I will edit it? But for now, more goofing off earning points - do you see the armor on that page?! Must. Have. XD
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My first animated icon. Granted, I can do better - and will when I get up. But right now I am sleepy and headachey and insanely sentimental, and this scene is from the end of the series I have been screen capping forever.

There are movies yet to cap, but it isn't the same as cherry blossoms falling across smiles that don't see so much as a cloud in the future, and playing baseball with the Jewel of Life. ^__^
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Finished up to #36, starting #37 sometime tonight.

Whenever I get back from the bookstore, because there is new YGO out! And I'm not sure I should be reading/capping anything while I've officially entered the Crazy!Emotions zone.

Twitchy and vibrating like a plucked string, but at least it didn't blindside me this time. So I won't have to kick myself for stupid irrational decisions.

Except maybe the idea that I can get this completely finished in one weekend, considering I have 3 episodes and two movies that are four and five episodes' worth themselves. x.x

ETA: I just checked the properties for what I've done so far? 1.17 GB in 39,524 files in 133 folders.

And I thought everything might fit on one disc?! omg XD
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work cut! )

Meanwhile I'm up to #29. Now it becomes a countdown - 10 episodes left, then the movies. oi

I'm taking a music break in the less than an hour remaining until work, though.
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Things accomplished this weekend:

#25 through 28 capped! Starting on 29 once I finish this entry. ^_^

Washed my car, which desperately needed it. x.x

And really that's about it. The screen capping is eating my braaaiiins. :)~

At work, well... ranties )
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I'm rather proud of myself today: I had meant to go out and buy an internal hard drive, thinking this would solve my problem of WinDVD5 crashing.

Then I sat down and thought it out, and realized I could fix this without spending money I knew I shouldn't be, if I could just access the virtual memory and tell it to use more space for that.

Success! Didn't realize how much of one, really, until I'd got through an entire episode without only one minor glitch - might have to go back it and give it a bit more space.

But yesterday, while capping the scenes where Arago swallows everyone, (including his own minions) it occurred to me to wonder what they tasted like.

A list!
Naaza - Licorice (specifically the black jellybeans type) ...this was creepy, being what started it and I have no idea where it came from. >.>
Anubis - sugar on snow
Rajura - boston baked beans Nostalgical! Also oddly bitter at times, since the thin shell stays on the peanut underneath the candy.
Shuten - Peeps! They're spring. He's spring. First person to laugh gets stabbed with a rusty spoon. *ignores the fact that customers looked at her strangely for laughing outloud when the thought first occured*
*has had to endure seething in headspace ever since*
Shuu - Gummi bears! :D
Shin - Saltwater taffy. Which I have been craving ever since I thought of it, darnit.
Seiji - something sour apple flavored. As with Naaza, it just popped into my head.
Ryo - hot tamales! XD
Touma - Question - what do clouds taste like? Answer - Cotton candy. :)
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Success! And my haul is: The whole Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper
Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe
Koroko: Hints and Echoes of Japanese Inner Life, by Lafcadio Hearn

Also a coffee and muffin from Starbucks, because I needed coffee! @.@ I swear I had just gotten there and they were shutting the place down, but I know I got in around 5-something. Last check of the clock was 5:13, but that was before I missed my turn and had to detour around, eventually coming back to the same turn.

Thankfully I did not miss it again.

And now to continue the project of Shiny! :D
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Today's Goal: Get up on time (4:00) to be able to wake up, get to the used bookstore, and hunt down some things before they close... which reminds me I need to hop back online and get author names. ^^;

Progress on the Not-So-Secret-Anymore Project: Up to Episode 14! The Screencapping of Samurai Troopers!

For Samurai Troopers, see also: Yaoi, baby!
First Love ^_^
Red For Pleasure
and for general information, Theria's

That and 13 nearly killed me. Between Shuu's crisis of faith and just - everything with Shuten? :_:

What I'm going to do with them after I'm done - aside from Shusu's Birthday Disc of Every Single Cap, and icons and things - some of these shots are pans that would like nice as wallpapers if I can piece them together properly and good lord it's 10:13.

Okay. Sleep now. With sleeping pills for once, to try and make sure I get up on time. Since that will never happen if I fall asleep at 12 or 1 or something. x.x
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The horrible week preceeding: See car drama. x.x

See also: Wake up to find Dad in the process of moving back in. Smash glass by getting elbow stuck in while washing dishes. Almost hit stray cat on the way to work. Forget shoes and have to buy cheap substitutes which are not at all comfortable. And probably a dozen other little things that drove me insane, but those are the ones that stuck out, all of them on the one day.

Probably because that was the one day.

Random things I have meant to mention but forgotten to: Finished one book of Lovecraft, which ended with the Shadow Over Innsmouth and the Shadow Out of Time.

Innsmouth: Well. I was wondering what was going to happen, since he got out of the town of half breed horrors alive, never mind actually getting the government involved. It seemed entirely too much like a happy ending for a bit, and that just doesn't happen with Lovecraft. :P

Shadow, now... How was that supposed to be scary?! Disturbing, yes, but still - what was the guy's problem? That 'Great Race' seemed almost benevolent compared to most of Lovecraft's things. What with the usual thing being to consider humans a food source if not worse, historians are. Well. What was the man's problem?! >:P

Meanwhile, waiting for things to download that I might hear opinions and squee, and working my way through BoF IV again. :)
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I should be asleep, so that I can wake up in time to catch my sister's phone call letting me know how the HRS mess turns out.

the HRS mess, short-hand )

...that was not what I started out intending to post. Guess I needed to vent?

What I started out for was this: RW fic spotted in nearby journal! News at the Shusu

Which led to this:
Turning wheels: o.o Sage is scary. i closed my eyes and ran my fingers across the dvds, and it stops on 'Let's all split up so we can get captured!'

and then i closed my eyes again and ended up pointing at his. dude. no more closing my eyes for things, random is bad!

Which ends in random thoughts while watching Sage get his butt kicked by deer. Thoughts like 'so, is Cale doing this just to drag the descendant of the old lords down to his level?'

'Gee, Sage, if you could see the Glowy Fire of I EAT YOU! you'd be scared of you too.'
'that snow looks like lines of kanji or something. writing the world into winter. ..why is Sage ticked off, it's pretty!'

'it still sounds like Cale is flirting'

'Okay, harnassing the power of your own anger is not what the Ancient meant, you moron!'

'...and also, what is with the 'What would Ryo do' moment with the deer?! Stop getting your butt kicked by deer!!'

Still, his wibbly eyes at the armor and the happiness at getting it kill me. I mean. Sage. With all the stoic. And then wibbly eyed happiness! ^__^

Now it is raining, and the cars sound all liquid as they pass. And I might actually manage to get some sleep before my sister calls. (Although the odds of her calling late in the evening when I've been up and waiting are pretty high.)
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Woke up feeling kind of odd.

Need to thank whichever family member brought my clothes in out of the rain.

Beginning to remember why I have this love/hate relationship with summer.

One the one hand, rain! ...This needs more emphasis. RAIN! Lots of rain in stretches where everything stays cool and beautifully glossed-looking and ^__^

And then there's the heat. And x-million infinite numbers of bugs, which aren't so bad on thier own, except that this means the accompanying thousands of spiders. With webs up everywhere and >.< I think maybe I will just be hiding, huh?

And heat makes everything feel - sticky and decaying and gross? <<;;; Okay, thankfully I'm not a complete neat-freak. Otherwise I'd never have lived this long. Night shift is helpful on the heat aspect, though.

Oh, and Shusu? Oddly enough, have noticed Rajura is not half the neat freak I kind of expected. Maybe I shouldn't have? As long as things are organized how he likes and ...well, as long as he has his way, mess is acceptable.

I suspect purely because of the spiders. >.< $%&*# *kicks muse, hunts for Raid*


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