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Ha, and I thought my adventures in driving were possibly over. Didn't really get lost the last time, did I? But nooo. Couldn't find the eye appointment place.

And while I was typing that, I had to run out to give half of the trash to the trash guy. Decent guy, though, they just leaving as I made it and he stopped the driver to take mine.

...so, lost. Lost in a reasonably familiar place, and getting more so at every minute and worried that I was going to run out of gas - I'll be worried again when I go out and hope to make it to the gas station. That low. Panicky, emotional in the sort of way that makes me wonder if it isn't that time yet, and when I went to call Dad to see if he couldn't help me with directions, the phone was dead.
I shall be setting it to charge before I crash.

But somehow, knowing I was cut off was oddly calming, and I just set to work scouring my memory for how I might have gotten back from Baymeadows before. And it worked!

And the gas meter seemed to be behaving oddly at points. So a question for anyone who might live in more mountainous or even hilly areas - does the poisition the car is sitting in affect how much gas it thinks it has. Because the traffic was crawling so bad at some points that I was sitting in curves I normally glide through. Felt distinctly like vertigo, like omg the car's going to flip! Despite rational thought pointing out that it would take more than just sitting at this uncomfortable angle that reminded me vaugely of San Francisco, except Florida-y and therefore flat.

Okay, it is really time to sleep when my mind comes out with, in the image of a tacky used car commerical: Florida - We took California and smushed all the hills out!

Sleeping. Now.

...except for the bit where I poke Neopets because of the shiny birthday stuff it's doing.
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On the day of my checkup from the laser surgery, I left a book with some needed papers stuffed in it. Next day, I drove back to get those and what do I find when I get home?

My rearview mirrors had arrived! There was no mistaking them, what with the huge box sitting on the front steps (which I tend to think of as the back steps because we always came in through the kitchen, but that was because it's my grandparents' house.) When confused about this, I tend to clarify by saying 'the door facing the road'. I have no idea why that should help.

Also, when I thought to check the mail, I found that a soundtrack had arrived. Last season soundtrack for Yu-Gi-Oh, the Japanese not the dub because the dub music is a bit um. Cheesy? It's all right listening with the dubbed voices, but ever since someone posted some selections from the Japanese soundtrack, I have been craving.

But! Rearview mirrors, which have arrived with perfect timing, since I'm about to start getting ready to drive out to my sister's to deleiver her birthday present. The original plan being to sleep over so I'll be able to visit some when I get up. Instead of having to hurry up and get home so I can go to work, which was the case the last time I visited. But now, maybe-hopefully, I'll be driving back with rearview mirrors! I'll be able to change lanes without being creeped out and checking and double-checking and just mostly staying in the slow lane to avoid having to change. Such fun.

Although this means I have no idea when I'll be on, and in any case I might avoid both getting online and gaming tonight, in favor of actually making myself sit down and write? Still. If I see people, I will, and if not, I'll see you Friday? ^^; *sends love to all*
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I should be fishing, right now. Since I told myself I would catch these sea bream before I leave for work. Not that I'm sure I'll get them, it depends on their biting and me not sucking at this stupid fishing game. Which I do.

But! There is squeeing to be shared, because I went to my week's follow up on my eyes, and they told me everything looks fine. ^_^ It's one thing to tell yourself you're being overly emotional and everything is probably fine, and another to have professional types examine you and determine that all is well and healing as expected. Very relieved.

On the other hand, still meh-ish? But 1. not as bad as it was and 2. major worry-source has just been killed, so. *scoots off to seethe at electronic fish for not biting pixels* :PPP
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In which I am upset. )

In spite of which, today has been pretty good so far? I managed to wake up 'on time' i.e. the goal of getting up at 5 so I will have time to go places before they close. Even better, I got the floor-mopping I meant to do done before leaving.

Of course, I had the motivation of having spilled a bit of chai tea on the floor yesterday before leaving for work. Nothing like trying to walk on a sticky floor to provide cleaning motivation. Yuck.

Then, off to Barnes & Nobles to pick up the latest Yu-Gi-Oh manga - which I am not reading yet, but. Must have manga so when I do start I can go on a reading binge. Did I mention my taping of the very last Yu-Gi-Oh episode totally screwed up and this also upsets me? And you know, I signed up for their discount card, figuring since they are now my manga suppliers it will pay for itself soon enough - and they bribe me with coupons and special extra discounts, most of which I ignore except this one with the free coffee with my purchase. mmmm, free coffeeee

Also I found these lovely Oriental carpet bookmarks, which is surely all the Oriental carpet I can afford right now. :P But so pretty! I have BK05 on that page.

Now I'm feeling completely worn out, oddly enough. Think I will try beating BoF IV again, see if that calms me down/lets me rest a bit. Also it's about time for the next round of medicinal eyedrops.
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All right. Just got back from the surgery, and despite my nervousness and a tiny problem with having to fight to stay still and not flinch?

It worked. ^____^

Everything is still slightly blurry right now, and I'm about to try and go to sleep, even though I'm only a little tired here. Must followe doctor's orders.

But I am so thrilled I can already tell the differance even with the blur and just - the whole world is wonderful right now. (Might be the valium they gave me, Dad said I was talking differently. That's polite-speak for 'you're babbling', yes? :P)

But I don't care, because it's nice that the whole world is wonderful except for the people I'd normally want to see get hit by a bus, as certain co-workers and people who are rude to the elderly and idiots who cut in without turn signals.

XD okay so maybe I am babbling. Sleep now, or at least trying to sleep. Yes.

*hugs and random lottery wins and Christmases out of season for all!*
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So. I meant to be all relaxed and happy to start on what should be the Best Weekend Ever (until something else reallyreally cool happens).

Instead I stayed at work an extra half-hour to talk to one member of management about another member of management. ...and you know, I was going to rant? Except now I find I don't want to. It's over, I handled it, Watch as I rant anyway )

Now I shall just make a manager voodoo doll delicious coffee cake like I planned to do today. And then something else to distract me, so I don't fume needlessly.

ETA: I think cooking is good stress relief for me. I feel so much better now there's coffee cake in the oven, and the kitchen is cleaned. Like I've accomplished something - even if that something is fattening breakfast food. XD

...now where's the stuff for that voodoo doll. >:P
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AOL shutting down a call center.

That would be my Dad, and his wife. He says they're getting job placement assistance and everything, so they're not too worried.

Meanwhile, he called me yesterday and asked if I could drive him to an appointment - he's getting lasik eye surgery done. ...I am torn between the squee and being happy for him, and plain old jealousy. Which means while waiting to drive him home from this, I shall have to pester the lovely office people for information. Although I can't remember how long he's going to be paying, I know Dad said he's on a payment plan of something like $200 a month?

So if I use my tax refund next year, and if the Wal-Mart bonus is any good (which it wan't, this year x.x ) ...maybe next year? I wish I hope I'd love to get rid of my bloody glasses I already need a new exam because I think something went wrong with the last one but I'm a horrible chicken when it comes to doctors? :PPP


I have had the weirdest feeling the past few days, like I'm floating on the surface of myself and I have no idea what's down there. Weirdly empty, in spite of the fact that I've been doing better about getting things done - or maybe I'm getting things done in an attempt to counter it?

It occurred to me while typing up an old piece of Coldfire fic, what has been bothering me about the fandom. Beware the spoilers which contain poking of fandom! )

Is it the weekend yet already?!
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Well. Today did not endear me to eye-exams.

Arrival: 10:15
Departure: 2:00


And every test twice, because they discovered something they were missing, but it's not bad enough they need to do anything with my glasses now for it, oh no. Just something we need to keep an eye on. %$#&*

I think my eyes are still slightly dilated as well, which does not surprise me considering that was the last thing that was done. >.<

I think that I shall go now and kill small, hapless, computerized lifeforms. Save all my cartoon-viewing for tomorrow, when my eyes will be back to normal. >:/

...to be fair. There was a nice salesclerk who helped me pick out some frames I think I'll like. And there was Pegasus snarking (and eventually snarling) in the back of my head, which was a useful distraction.

... I hate eye exams.


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