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So. Another update full of happy?

Or not so much. Water worries and car drama )

So. I will not let this get me down, even though I am a bundle of moody and on default All Is Bleak And Woeful. x.x Because even in the above drama and freaking out, there is much of the good.

Other good stuff this weekend: Inauguration! We can haz President Obama! \o/

I got my very first gold dragon egg, which I've been wanting since I started collecting dragons at the Dragon Cave. Psst this is me.

Story for me: The Orgy vs the Twelve Dancing Princesses It is funny! And full of the lovely simple imagery and Lexaeus! ^_^

And I have got some screencapping done, and intend to do more in a minute, and perhaps actually make a post sharing them at some point tonight.

And I'm almost done with Reverse/Rebirth - past Lexaeus now, which was rather sad because. Now it's only Zexion and Ansem left to go through, and it's bad enough I had to beat Lexaeus, I don't wanna beat Zexion because I know what happens next.

But. Right now, I shall step awaaay from the computer. That I might cook my dinner, since we stopped at my work for groceries after everything else.
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Re:Chain of Memories )

In other news, I did make it to the used bookstore - yesterday, instead of on my weekend. But I made it! And delicious Discworld awaits my reading enjoyment. :)

I promptly fell back into the habit of staying up to noon. x.x

Also, much cleaning and some organizing and general stuff that had been put off too long was accomplished, so overall I'm pretty pleased with myself right now. Except for the not sleeping thing.
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Re:Chain of Memories )

In other news: I'm trying to get my sleeping shedule (currently at:none x.x) back to normal. So far, getting up on time has given me a headache and I didn't make it to the used bookstore. Maybe tomorrow?

I have just finished watching the entirety of the Venture Brothers! Extra sarcasm and villainous ranting may be side effects. Also, VB/Kingdom Hearts: y/n/have you been in Brock's 'herb garden' ?

Goals for the year that are not resolutions because resolutions jinx me: Read more books! Like, the ones that I keep meaning to re, or re-read, and never do.
Write more, dammit.
Draw more also!
And screencaps, because screencaps are fun.

More serious stuff is in another list entirely, which is actually written down. And in front of me. And depressing. So now that I've marked a couple of the small things off it, I will return to having my butt kicked by video game, which is always entertaining!
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Guess how I spent most of my day? Sleeping. And coughing.

Note to self: Stop pretending you're not sick when you are. When you wake up roasting in 60 degree weather it is bad, it is not your imagination. No matter how clever and/or guilt trippy your excuses are, any thought that goes as follows: 'I'm not sick, it's xyz' ?

It is a Lie. lieslieslies

On the other hand. Two hundred moar words into yuletide! Words that bridge a difficult gap, and should allow me to continue later. @.@

Also, re: Re:CoM (look i'm funny. or lame. :P) Donald, dear, stop casting Thunder on those freaky mermen Heartless or I will make a feather pillow out of you. No love. >:P

Or. I could stop using his card in Atlantica. >>
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Re:Chain of Memories )
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Let the squee begin! :D

Re:Chain of Memories )

In news somewhat related to the above, yuletide is benefiting from the squee, since the energy not leading me to write Re:CoM redirects easily into the yule-fandom. <3


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