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So. Work is still crap, though other things have improved. Allergy season has come, with all the pretty flowers. :P

Though I do love the jessamine, which is already fading.

Writing that I got finished up yesterday: work on the Despicable Me/Harry Potter crossover that started as a drabble for Yuletide.

Margo's letter )

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Writing plans for this year include really getting serious about tackling my backlog of works-in-progress/things I wish I'd started. To that end, yesterday I reorganized my writings folder too! Now instead of it just opening to a bunch of folders with everything I've ever written for, most of it really old poetry? All the stuff that's just poetry/I have no intention of trying to write for is tucked into a new folder labeled 'old stuff.'

Because I am super-creative like that. *shuffles off to playing more Pokemon*
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So. This post. This is something I haven't managed to do in a long time - something finished! That isn't drabble-length!

Well, um. Actually it is kind of a long series of strung together drabbles? But it's 3,348 words of a more or less continuous story told in drabbles! ...hush, I am proud of myself. Do not kill the squee, it's an endangered species!

What else to say about this... once upon a time, I was looking at two of my fandoms, namely Kingdom Hearts and Ronin Warriors, and I thought I would love to do a crossover. And I poked about drabbling some, and nothing much came of it, and then I heard this song: Ian van Dahl - Castles in the Sky.

End result: Zexion and Rajura, the respective illusionists of their groups, are students at a very very vaugely Lovecraftian university. And everything is peaches and research that should not be until their old pals start showing up! ..don't ask me. >.>

Other music listened to while finishing this: Legend of Zelda: Twilight's Theme * The Waterboys - Down Through The Dark Streets

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Let the squee begin! :D

Re:Chain of Memories )

In news somewhat related to the above, yuletide is benefiting from the squee, since the energy not leading me to write Re:CoM redirects easily into the yule-fandom. <3
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Is it Christmas Eve yet? No.

But it feels like it. :D

And what am I doing on this not-Christmas-Eve while I should be getting ready to go to work? trying to bribe Santa Working on that Orgy 13 reincarnation fic that I never finished! \o/

Clearly I have lost my mind. Also clearly I should not have eaten an entire box of reese's pieces, even though they are delicious and crunchy. XD

I could just about scream, though, because I only need one middlish scene and then it will be done. Finished! AUGH.

...I may actually delay starting the game until I have this. I will print out everything I've got (yay new ink cartridge!) and take it to work in the hopes of accomplishing something on my lunch break.

Meanwhile, am about to write a note to go with the presents-money to my sister (living in different states, it is easier to send her the money to get presents with than track them down here and have to pay shipping) and then run around like a madwoman trying to get ready in, ummm... oh twenty minutes? A whole lifetime, surely. >>
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Okay, this I did not expect. I? I won a drabble contest. At [livejournal.com profile] kh_drabble to be precise. And along with the bouncy pride and surprise comes panic.

Because the winner of one contest? Announces the next. And I gave no thought to this at all because I never expected to win.

omg XD I have to go and look at past challenges, make sure I won't duplicate and omg.

JOY! *dances*

*hopes to be more composed when it comes to the thanks/next challenge post* XD
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Good grief. I am trying to write up my author reveal, and it's turning into this navel-gazing, rambling philosopical end-and-beginning-of-the-year thing that will take me forever to finish. And not be nearly long enough for the time spent.

I am pleased with this, really? But oi. I am starting to get headachey, having nibbled on a cinnamon roll for breakfast, and it's time for lunch. I take this excuse in the name of gaming, and getting in some more Chrono Cross, which will be eating at my brain for some time. Note to self - write it don't think about writing it! Take notebook into the living room with the lunch.

Turn on the tree's lights, too.

*leaves hugs and confetties and well wishing for all*
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Well, what can I say? Weekend was something of a bust, though at least I made sure to enjoy a few things.

I was going to have YGO squee, but I forget how I hit Seto's angst like a brick wall, and time slows down and just. meeeep.

So I backed away from it a bit because I don't want to cry before work, there is no time to calm down properly, and found this: kh fanfic rant While the entry itself is not much (at least to me?) several of the comments are made of win. Win, I tell you!

Most especially this: Most Winning Thread Ever

I laughed so hard it hurt, and I promise you, I will be yelling suchlike next time I run into the Organization. homg, yes.
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Well, I fail. Not completely, because there was a lot of thinking, and walking back and forth talking to myself, and poking for bits of information online? But. not enough writing. I kept getting too distracted with other things.

Should anyone see me online later, poke me to get to work on this? ^^;

Goals for later:

Wake up in time to get mint coffee, and then go to B&N for the new YGO. If they have it, I still need to call and check.
Also get something to eat, as I have no food here. Again. x.x
Work on TT fic. Do not let Vexen and Xigbar take over fic, no matter how much fun it might be. Ignoring other characters is bad.

I keep restraining myself from going into a rant about those two. And, well, just about everything else. Because I want to save that energy for the fic. Maybe I should use the new YGO as a bribe so I'll sit still and work on that...

Right now, though, cleaning needs to be done with a quickness, that I might go to sleep. mmmm, sleeeep

ETA: I have called, and checked, and YGO 23 waits for me all safely reserved. I love reserving things. No one else's, shiny is all mine! <3 *selfish*

*ignores muse-babble about reserving hearts*
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Though I seem to have neglected mentioning it last weekend, I did meet my word count goals. I just seem to have gone to sleep without mentioning, possibly due to suddenly feel depressed and unaccomplished.


Goal for this weekend: work on Twilight Town fic, which I am quite enjoying even though it's not coming along very quickly. Because I keep realizing I'm trying to write to fanon, and as much as I enjoy reading it, it involves more suspension of disbelief than I realized. And I find I cannot write certain things, no matter how silly and fun and expected, because just. No. Writing this thing is turning out to be a process of peeling back layers to see what I think about the characters.

So. I'm going to print out the whole Twilight Town series by dedmerath, and see if I can't decide what I feel like their colors should be, since I can picture how they'd act in TT (mostly) but not colors. Annoying!

Also, it is a perfectly valid excuse to play with pens. pennnnssss. :D

And try to work on the fic, while playing Kingdom Hearts II through. Which means a lot of Roxas and Sora standing around in TT so I can have the scenery, although I will eventually try to get through the rest of the game, both to see the bits with the Orgy in, and to get Sora back to TT. :D

... Dude. Roxas: What? Why aren't I moving? What's wrong with my player!
Sora, five seconds later: I'm not moving. ...this is the strangest feeling of dejavu. Ummm, player? Any time now?

Who gets the reference!
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Somehow, I ended up energetic and distracted and never did finish anything else that I'd meant to.

Except cleaning.

And thinking about the nameless fanfic-thing, without actually doing anything, until I was final forced to admit that what I needed to do was go and ask dedmerath what she thought of fanfic based on the most excellent Orgy 13 as Twilight Town kids art she has done. Because I <3s them I do. So Many Hearts!

And she said yes! :D Squeee!

...homg, now I kind of need to actually work on this. Now being laughed at by muses. None of them have friendly laughs. Even Demyx has the meanest little laugh, like the kid who makes fun of someone who's been pranked. >.>

So! Over all pleased with myself, because the making sure I got enough sleep did give me more energy, I just couldn't focus worth peanuts. mmmm, peanuts. Um.

Goals for tonight: Signing up for Yuletide! And being poked/badgered/somehow proving useful for [livejournal.com profile] shusu Yuletideness? I phailed there. -.-
Another thousand words for Lost Hours ^^
Work on multiplication practice, as I still phail at that also. :/ By extension, multiplying decimals practice. ...I hate math.
Twilight Town fic, homg. Made of win. XD

KH2 spoilery babble squee )
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So, after reading an incredibly emotional Troopers story which has not been posted yet but eventually will be? Is that a tease or? Blah. Story. Incredible story which will be linked to when it goes up.

...I had a point other than said story when I started this... Ah! Went to sleep all emotional, expecting I would dream about Troopers or something. I really did. What I ended up with was this: The video game my subconscious wrote? )


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