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Well, what can I say? Weekend was something of a bust, though at least I made sure to enjoy a few things.

I was going to have YGO squee, but I forget how I hit Seto's angst like a brick wall, and time slows down and just. meeeep.

So I backed away from it a bit because I don't want to cry before work, there is no time to calm down properly, and found this: kh fanfic rant While the entry itself is not much (at least to me?) several of the comments are made of win. Win, I tell you!

Most especially this: Most Winning Thread Ever

I laughed so hard it hurt, and I promise you, I will be yelling suchlike next time I run into the Organization. homg, yes.
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Went out, got my ever so shiny YGO fix. eeee, #23. We draw closer and closer to Ryou stealing his Ring back because it's his dammit erm, retrieving his Ring.

Not that I'm looking forward to that, or anything. ;p

Meanwhile, waaah Seto and Yugi showdown continues. Damn you, Mutou Yugi! *kicks him* But must not read until writing is accomplished....

Then to Bed, Bath and Beyond because I was feeling kind of down and moody, and thought maybe going somewhere new would help. It was nice, and I got some candles? But not so much helping. Then, a stop at work of all places, but milk and cat litter and cat food are all essentials. As well as dinner for later.

I noticed in the course of this that I am more prone to buying junk when I'm not hungry and not sure what I'll want.

Now, I have been sitting here nearly an hour, wasting time and feeling mopey. Time to work on fic! *grabs what remains of delicious minty coffee*
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Well, the water's decent again. I am so relieved, I didn't even want to do my laundry until that had been fixed.

I am for once pleased with what I got done this weekend - which is mostly everything I wanted to get done. Except of course as I type that I realize there are half a dozen other things I could have gotten done... But I took care of the math, and that was the important thing, since we did have a test today. Pretty sure I did well, except for one stupid division problem.

I really should control my spending at the coffee place up the road. $15 in two days, I mean... but it's mint! Mint coffee! You know where else I've found this done well? Chicago. And before that, on my first vacation, at a roadside touristy place I couldn't find again if I tried. Because apparently mint is just that tricky to get done right. So you see, I must encourage them to continue supplying me with delicious mint coffee.*nods*
*not remotely addicted or anything*

I gave myself an ice cream headache sitting at the drive-through, too.

There really is not time to do just to the drama of YGO: Ancient Egypt #6 now. Besides, I don't feel like it at the moment. I would rather sit here enjoying my coffee buzz and scrolling around deviantart, where I have just found an interesting KH au in which it appears Xigbar is some kind of thief and is just about to pick up shop clerk!Demyx. omg XD
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Waking up on time does me no good if I spend the morning sleep walking, yeah?

Still, I got a few things done. Still not happy about stuff, but at least the sink is working again? Since I can wash dishes again, I can also cook - made a banana nut mix, with added walnuts.

On, to squeeing! Of YGO variety, of course.

Where manga and anime diverge )

Gah, and there's more I want go into with this, but I can't remember exactly and I have to run to work anyway. yikes. XD
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I? Got nothing done this weekend, through a combination of being easily distracted and kind of depressed.

The self-induced sleep deprivation didn't help either.

But, now I have the information I need to plan my vacation, so that's something. Also something and much more fun - just had a phone call from the sister? They had snow in Alabama, so it is good for something! ;p

She was telling me how much fun the munchkins were having, running around like crazy and trying to catch snowflakes on their tonges. *jealous* And then I talked to them. Or, more accurately, I listened and did not quite understand while they talked at me. And then Michelle sang me a song. And then everyone had to sing Aunty a song.

I think I'm almost out of minutes now. :P

Also, because I decided a while back (and for absolutely no reason) that I was going to add a Lupe to my Neopets account on February 2.

Meet Kujuurou! )

Now I only need a Hissi and they'll be a happy little family! :o

And I think I shall take this smidgen of a happy mood and run to bed with it, before anything can happen to get me down again. Maybe that way I'll wake up in a better mood.
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Well, I couldn't pick one favorite, so I'll just organize by series. ;p

Yu-Gi-Oh )

Samurai Troopers )
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Pairings: n/a
Rating: R (death, some cussing) After the sacrifice at Kul Elna and before he storms into the palace looking for revenge, what’s happening with Bakura?
Yu-Gi-Oh is of course not mine, because if it were Yugi would never in a million years have won! (Or if I caved and he did, he would have won with the help of all his friends, not just the ones willing to play by his rules - which system leaves out Seto and Bakura Ryou. jerk.) (This is more of a mini-rant than a disclaimer ;p )

Acknowledgments: Many many thanks to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] shusu, without whose beta-ing this wouldn’t be getting posted. ^^ All remaining mistakes are of course mine.

Spoilers: So if anyone isn’t current with the latest Millennium World manga? Because there are serious differences bleaching into vanilla! between the manga and the anime? No reading! *shoos away from the spoilers*

Incisions )

Personal context: Little questions lead to big explosions. )
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David Gray - The Other Side


Nice piano melody, and the current state of the Bakurae. Have I mentioned they're creeping me out lately, and I don't think I'm going to be able to work on anything else until I've worked on them? But it's fun, so.

On another note, I know I have mentioned loving Over The Hedge? But this is probably one of the best single illustrations of why. Verne (turtle) and RJ (raccon) are always like that. Don't let Verne fool you, with the philosophy and the gentle nature! He's just as bad as RJ! ...he just likes to pretend he isn't. ;p
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guess what's so funny! go on, guess!

Success! :D

I Owe Mes (or, To-Do) finishing the squee over the last YGO.
Finishing the fic that's been nagging at me since the last YGO. (erm, mostly. I still have this feeling I'll want to take another look when I wake up)
Laundries. (No. But, it will be better waiting until I get up? Things I wore to the museum can go in the same load! ^^; )
Leaving the house!
Coffee while outside the house.
NaNo!!! *runs in circles!!!* ^__^ Granted, there wasn't much actual writing done. But there was much reading and remembering why I love the story, which I needed badly.

...I'm surprised, I didn't think I'd really manage. Considering I kept wanting to go to sleep all night.

But the museum was lovely! All sorts of interesting pieces, and a little film on mummification, and the x-raying of one late era mummy that was very poorly done. Which had some interesting commentary from headspace, don't you know. ;p

And I did stop in the gift shop. There was no blank cartouche? Ha! But much better, a tiny Anubis-jackal, as depicted in the shiny new icon. ~follow Bakura's line of sight~

~but stay out of it yourself, because things are about to get violent there ~ ;p

Now for more of my most neglected activity - actual sleep! >.>
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YGO insanity, part 2 )

Postscript to be added once I return from work! @.@

ETA: or, the day after...

uh-uh.... )
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Well, I feel worn out and frustrated right now. Mostly because I still haven't gotten myself to sit down and find my place in the NaNo.

What I have done: More cleaning

Took my car to get her oil changed, and ordered a new passenger side mirror.

I have carrots cooking right now. Yuck. But they're good for me, right?

Made a donation somewhere. :)


And yesterday, I went to pick up the newest YGO. We have reached Millennium World #5, and there are no words for the love. LOVE, I tell you!

omg, Kazuki Takahashi is insane. XD

Beware the insanity! )
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1489 words, all total.

Even if it is in two separate points in time. I am the blah, I need to have fun to get any energy. And, having had fun while writing, I moved on to finishing fun that has nothing whatsoever to do with anything productive! :D

Previously, on Yu-Gi-Oh! ;p

And now! Read more... )

The End!

Or, To Be Continued! ;p

Which is unavoidable between me being kind of sleepy and the fact that we are now in heavy cliffhanger territory. It keeps stopping in the middle of duels! Really good ones!

Seto & Pharaoh vs Masks finishes in the next one, but that stops in the middle of Yugi w/o Puzzle vs Jou w/Malik in his brain - and it is so much cooler than in the anime. I swear the more I dislike the Pharaoh, the more Yugi just shines. But the thing with the anime is, they stunted Yugi's growth just as much as anybody else's, and it really makes the Pharaoh come off as the main hero - and he isn't. That's Yugi, and he is really coming into his own here. ^_^

And then the finish of Yugi vs Jou leads us into Pharaoh vs Bakura. It. Freaking. Stopped. In the middle of the Bakura duel, before the moment of truth/protecting Ryou incident. >:O And, the one that promises to finish that? Will then undoubtedly leave me hanging in the middle of Jou vs. Rishid.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Ishtars just for their screwed up family dynamics? And the Malik/Rishid shipping? Gee, I think I have. :P And I have not begun to squeal about the finally-I-have-been-waiting! arrival of Rishid, and the differences in him. And I get no peace thinking 'I'll know what happens with the Bakurae come September!', because come September, I'll have the Ishtars to replace that! GAH!!
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It is really time for sleep when fuming about the way Seto Kaiba comes off in the anime (fuming = RAR! for he would sooner die himself than ever-ever ditch Mokuba) leads to the thought - 'He'd been more likely to have to be dragged away from his grave if anything ever happened to him - except he'd have to kill the people he held responsible, even if it were an accident, because he'd snap'

And the sudden vivid mental image of Seto dragging the corpse of one of said responsible people to Mokuba's grave, to show him and reassure him that he won't stop until they're all dead.

Yikes. Would be a really creepy story. Might even have to try writing it. But to be suddenly having such a vivid image of Completely Crazy Seto, just. o.o Sleep now would be good.
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648 words, most of which suck, but I'm doing something.

Meanwhile, I've gotten caught up on Yu-Gi-Oh manga, and have no time to squee properly. But one thing I will note now, before getting ready for another lovely night of work. >:P

In the anime, it never tells us what Seto's personal ka is. This bothered me, because the personal ka is a reflection of the soul (not just in apperance, but in that it develops powers you wish you had), and I kind of wondered what they were avoiding there.

This: His ka gains power by cutting down its allies. And I'm torn between howling laughter and being horrified for him, because really how screwed up is that? XD

*loves Seto* ^_^

ETA: And I have to keep going, because it's just - it's so: "I'm surrounded by morons. If only there were a way to get rid of them while strengthening myself!"

And the way he talks to the other priests! XD
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End of Yu-Gi-Oh. What can I say?

Because, you know, ;_; and babbly noises don't count as saying anything.

Squee. Spoiler-pointed squee, that's all there is to it. )
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Update from the last time I had anything to post about my sister: They are in Alabama. I have not gotten (been up to receive?) any calls yet, but she called Dad at the beginning of the drive out there, and let him know that the charges had been dropped.

Gee, I wonder why that would happen. Meaning, aside from the fact that That Woman is a lying little %$#@ I would need to know more cuss words to describe her properly.

So I'm sitting here listening to my bubble bath slowly filling, after getting turned around on the way back from my eye appointment. Which went well, as usual - doctor was a little surprised by the improvement. Squee!

I've decided I get there are two kinds of lost - 'lost' lost, where I really have no clue where I am and start to get freaked out, and turned around, usually the result of confusing my highway exits and directions. :P While I'm driving in the car thinking about this, I remember a story Dad used to tell me, passed down from Poppa, that we had an ancestor in the military. Early planes, and the ground people would keep having to radio him 'You're going the wrong way, Horton!' until it became his nickname.

I wonder how it is possible that I seem to have inherited this trait despite having no biological relationship. >.>

And I meant to have an interesting post, with the good things and thoughts that have been happening in the background of the whole mess with my sister, but I'm too tired now.

Plan for tonight: Continue the long-delayed Yu-Gi-Oh Egypt marathon. Get up on time and go get coffee in pursuit of this. Also possibly chocolate to deal with the inevitable sorrow and doom that comes with being attached to the bad guy.
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Work continues to attempt to drive me mad, as does everything else. Yesterday they waxed the floors in and around my usual register. Does this mean I get a night off selling cigarettes? Nooo, this means I get transferred to the Service Desk, with an assortment of poisons in a box, to sort through when people want them. >:p Not to mention the annoyance of people mistakenly thinking the Service Desk was open, and asking me for money orders, etc. etc. people will you please shut up and read the 10 to 7 sign of Closed!

I ended up wandering the aisles straightening, and letting other people call me when someone wanted the stuff. The aisles are amazingly neat! :P

But now I am free, and waiting for the time to check if my paycheck has shown up. Yay bills to pay. x.x Though at least the electricity has gone down by about $40.

Randomly thinking about YGO, and the way Malik's one little honestly-happy smile in the last issue made him look almost-cute, I suddenly hear out of headspace - Ryou: Mmm, he is cute, isn't he? Almost makes you want to put bunny ears on him.

And the sound of yelling ensues. >.> Apparently Malik objects to being made to dress up. Can't imagine why, outside of the raging egocentricism. :P

...suddenly I am craving Lovecraft.
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Firstly, the icon. GIP? No. Will it even make sense outside of the contents of this post? Somehow, I just don't think so. But! It had to be done. >.>

*whistling whilst pilfering the pockets of an unconscious duelist )
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So. Much. Squeeee!!

Firstly: My lovely new computer plays dvds as expected! :D Have I mentioned this before? I honestly can't remember. Because...

Secondly: omgomg YuGiOh went and broke my brain omg. I have said before that I didn't used to like Malik? But I suspect that I would never have disliked him if I met him in the manga first, and meanwhile Seto pwns me - and everybody else in his tournament, thankyou >:) - and Anzu is getting all depressed >.> and Ryou being delightfully creepy, in perfect innocence, and I still can't be sure that isn't Bakura acting at some points!!! XD eeee, the squee!!

Honda = Best. Friend. EVAR!!! omg

Jounouchi. Dude. :o

And Yugi? Is actually becoming cooler himself. Despite the fact that Malik persists in calling him the 'vessel'. And he doesn't want to talk to the vessel. XD XD XD

And after the general squee comes the detailing of points of squee! :D Cut because everyone luvs cut tags!  )
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I'm home! Home and free and safe from the stoopid people! They can't get me here! Wheeee!

*spins in chair*

Meanwhile, while writing about things totally unrelated to what I want to be writing about (must work on that this weekend) I get wonderful moments of characters showing up at random with scenes that have only the most tenuous of claims to plot significance.

But they're fun, so I don't care. :P

ygo muse-babble. )

What I really want to be writing makes me want to cry, which is possibly why the retreat into humor. Possibly, I should throw myself into some writing and then watch Yu-Gi-Oh, that I might mock the Pharaoh - and possibly Joey!

Meh. And I came home to find that I had messages. wth, I thought, how can I have messages when... oh. Shoot. Must have forgotten to turn this thing off. -.-;;; Sorry, Shusu, Lacey! I didn't mean to!

But now for taking out the trash and then crashing, as I must get up on-time like and go to the mall! For lo, there is new Battle City manga, and Malik should finally arrive! Maybe even almost run over Bakura with his bike? :D I can only hope!

...why do I like those two hanging out so much when in the long run they're more likely to actually kill each other than Seto and the Pharaoh/Yugi are? ...oh wait...

Also because I am feeling humorous and random, have a humorous and random song! It's teeeny - 1.90 MB You know you want to knooow! ;p


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