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Currently debating while I should be asleep:

Do I go see 9 tonight, even though my car is still doing that overheating at stoplights thing?

For: I am going stir-crazy and want to leave the house. Also, when I first noticed this problem, I made it back okay and nothing seemed to burning or noticeably wrong, and that drive was roughly the same distance I'd be going this time.

Against: It's a scary thought that my car might crap out on me, and for all I know it would do further damage to make the trip. But it's something like 15 miles on the interstate, a little over half an hour drive time. Compared to the 8ish miles to work, something like a quarter of an hour depending on stop lights for work, it doesn't seem like that huge of a distance...

*debate debate debate*

I have been driving with it like this, and it's been okay. Dad thinks it may be a sensor problem, in which case there's nothing wrong with the engine, it's... what, basically a faulty thermometer. Hrrrrrm.

Gah I need to sleep. More thinking about this, and possibly poking yulechat, later.
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Lonely Tarts Club presents the John/Vala Thing-a-thon

Because it is shiny, and encourages couples besides John/Vala. :D ...also, who could not want to eat the delicious chibi tarts?!

So. Now that I am home after finally, finally getting my %$#@ copy of YGO: Dawn of the Duel (the goal of the weekend, constantly screwed up by my inability to get out the door on time) I have half an hour to make with the squee over At World's End. Because I need something to cheer me up, dammit.

This chest be filled with spoilers! )
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I should babble about At World's End, having seen it twice now.

And I should work on any number of things.

Except it's late in the day and I've been half asleep and I did get some things done. And sleep would be good, so I can get up early enough to actually go out and get that shiny YGO: Dawn of the Duel disc, later.

So I will limit myself to this: ever so slightly spoilery, if you've not seen At World's End yet )
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Rotten, rotten week. Two customer complaints about me, (one made by a lady whose first words to me were 'Is there something wrong with you?') and my sister is moving to Atlanta.

Probably post more about that later.

But right now, the squee, as I went to a midnight showing of Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men's Chest. 'ware the spoilers! )

And as with the first movie? Stay to credit's end.


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