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I am Yuletide failure and just now squeeing about my gift, but it is Perfect! It is exactly the sort of story I've been craving for this fandom, and I have read it multiple times and I LOVE IT and so should EVERYBODY so: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/yuletide2016/works/8875933

Or at least everyone who loves digger. If you do not love Digger, go read it because you will! (If you like unlikely wombat heroines who'd rather not be heroing thanks all the same, and matriarchal hyena societies, and really bizarre deities and questions of ethics that no one should really have to ask themselves AND YET.) http://diggercomic.com/blog/2007/02/01/wombat1-gnorf/

Also! Pssst spot the crossover. :D
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello, and thank you for writing for me! Have fun and I'm sure I will too.

This year I am honestly looking for some happy fic. It has been an awful mess both personally and politically, so happy endings and fluff are very much welcome. That said, if you want to write a darker story, I will probably enjoy that too? Just not too heavy on the angst.

Squicks: Gore, vore, incest, watersports, mpreg

Likes: Worldbuilding, aus, crossovers, character developement.

The Fandoms! )
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Oct. 25th, 2014 09:55 pm
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Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, you clearly have excellent taste, no matter which of these fandoms we matched on. :) Have fun writing, and remember that optional details are optional - don't let any of my details stop you from having fun and getting the story written! (With the exception of squicks of course. ^^; )


details within )
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So the holidays have been eating me alive. Whooo, surprising. But anyway!

I got this awesome Yuletide story, which made me full of squee: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1086853

You shall all now go read, whether familiar with Yoroiden Samurai Troopers or not! That is totally a thing I can dictate. ;)
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello! Make yourself comfortable, and know that you are awesome, first of all. For we share at least one of the following tiny fandoms! Have fun writing it, and I will enjoy reading. <3

In case you are an author who doesn’t like too much detail, here is a brief summary -

I like : In-character behavior! Solving mysteries, alternate realities of all shapes and sizes, manipulation and mind-fucking. I like when the good guys, out of the goodness of their hearts, do something genuinely wrong and don’t realize, and seeing what happens when they find out. I like my bad guys cheerful, and I like when they win.

I dislike - Rape, though skirting the line with non-con is okay - see : mind-fucking. I'm a lot more interested in the psychological effects than physical violence, though. Mpreg is really not my thing. Also really explicit sex, vore and anything that belongs in the bathroom - not interested.

Onward to more detailed stuffs!

hidden details )
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Also I have just remembered that I never squee'd over my Yuletide gifts. Or my kh_drabble one(s)!

*hangs head in shame*

I got these lovely Yuletide presents, one full length and one madness:

I Believe In Summer Days A Nightwatch fic (the book by Sean Stewart) about Wire and Rain and their growing up. It is also a perfect crossover with the same fandom as my treat, below. But eeeee Wire. I love Wire, she is so practical and yet as capable of being overly emotional and taking risks and making mistakes as anyone. And Rain! And the way the Forest is this living, breathing presence throughout. <333

Story for a Winter's Night Winter Song by Sara Bareilles. This is so tiny and warm and sweet! And little things kept making me laugh, like their middle names. The best middle names!

And in the land of Kingdom Hearts! A three drabble set from stillskies - warning for Dream Drop Distance spoilers. Beware the delicious spoilers! :9

Xemnas, Xigbar andXaldin Character studies of three of my favorite villains. And I cannot squee properly because spoiley, but eeeee. :D

ETA: is anyone having trouble crossposting to lj? It keeps telling me I have the wrong password.
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beware the squee )
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A belated Happy New Year! And general updatingness.

I have a new computer. It is the shiniest and most awesome and I am horribly biased. But it's 6 gig of memory and 1 TB of hard drive and soooo shiny. *sparkly eyes go here*

Yuletide this year was pretty awesome, I did better than I have in awhile, I think. And I had fun, and it's been too long since I had fun writing. I was crazy with the firsts this year, too, I added... *counts* 3 or maybe 4 new fandoms I have written for, depending on how separate you think book and film fandoms are.


For Want Of A Horse My first Discworld! Moist von Lipwig and a town some people might recognize.

Yuletide Madness:

tempering exile My first His Dark Materials! Iorek is the most awesome, don'tchaknow.

on the way My first Dark Crystal. :) Aughra is awesome, as is Kira. I always knew I liked Aughra, but I didn't notice how much I liked Kira until I was writing this.

an exchange of problems This is the book vs film fandom, and while my knowledge of the film has influenced it somewhat, it's def. the book. And the book - Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM - is much better. And the prompt was fantastic, I could not resist.

upon a dream My first Princess Tutu! I love Rue and Ahiru and the vauge yin-yang thing between them.

And now we come to the only fandom I'd written before. XD Two for Samurai Troopers:

in the sea of the sky It's meant to be a steampunk au, but reads just as well as a spaceship one apparently. *shifty eyes* This might have something to do with the fact that I was entirely faking it re. steampunk, I had only the vaguest idea that it involved shiny airships, I was totally relying on my knowledge of and love for Troopers to pull that off. And it worked! :D

Of course, now the idea won't leave me alone and I am learning more about steampunk to try and do this justice, but I make no promises because I don't want to disappoint anyone, including me.

pinata This is the last thing I wrote, in the frantic moments of waiting for the Madness archive to go live, and and. And it's crack. But it's happy crack! :D

So, all total, 7 fics! And counting the 5 things I wrote for kh_drabble over the year, that makes 12 things I wrote. ...I think that's all I wrote.

I need to write more this year, but I am leery of making resolutions because that seems to jinx me. I have some! I'm just not talking about them in case they vanish. :x
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Gues what happened yesterday when I went to check the mail! I got a Postcard! It has the most adorable Xiu on it, who sitting here watching me type. It will be coming safely into my room or hidden in a book when I sleep though, I am afraid the Dusky-cat might gnaw on it if I leave it out. Apparently it smells fascinating, she keeps sniffing.


Yuletide! It is made of awesomes. I am made of far too much caffeine and too little sleep, so I have not begun to poke around properly, but here is what I've read so far! Also, html it is complicated and I'm not gonna.

My 2 gifts, both Princess Tutu and I love them forever:

Resolution - http://archiveofourown.org/works/299841

A beautiful story in which Fakir and Ahiru are (relatively) okay with who they are and what they're doing and Autor still wishes he were Drosselmeyer. Because he does and you know he does. Dork. I did not even remember how much I like the horrible little dork until I was reading this. XD

Frame Story - http://archiveofourown.org/works/290269

This is my favorite fairy tale, and I am not even sure how to be coherent because. My favorite one! And it is so insane and eeeee. What other story contains the sentence 'Losing daughters like pens.' I have this insane desire to give my pens silly princess names now. XD

I am so freaking sleepy, you just don't know. But it really is that awesome. It feels like a happily-ever-after that's real, that acknowledges that stories don't end, we just make a place to stop reading.

Also! Screw authorial intent! Sometimes authors don't know what they intend anyway. <3

Other people's stories!

To Fall In Snow, Still Burning - http://archiveofourown.org/works/298877

Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, people! The only one in the archive, this year. Go forth and smother it in lovings and adoration! It's a beautiful fic, that reads almost like another episode, and like the best of the fic that used to get written. Ryou trying to get himself killed in the pursuit of noble self-sacrifice! Touma not having it! Team to the rescue! \o/

White Blazeses disapprove of this foolishness.

we are the masks we choose to wear - http://archiveofourown.org/collections/yuletide2011/works/302809

This Alien Shore fic, people. Which, I do not even know how to start reccing this canon, but. If you would like to read a story where people who aren't neurotypical are treated like, you know, people, and have their own functioning society, and and. It's just too complicated, but this is a gorgeous fic it really is. It feels like coming home, like being safe. <3
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Guess what guess what guess what! A finished yuletide ficcer is me!

Granted, I still need a title. But that and figuring out little formatting details are details! Ones that can wait until I wake up, because right now it is time to start the game that I've been holding hostage until I got the fic finished! ...also tonight must start pinning down the kh_drabble gifty fic, which has been nibbling at the back of my mind for a couple of days. *does not poke it for fear of scaring off*

Skyward Sword )
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A very late start to drabblevember! But I have mono, so I am allowed to be late. And sleep a lot. And be achey and miserable often without sleeps. :(

So, in order of writing (over the past two days, but I didn't want to post until I caught up.)

1. Kingdom Hearts, Xigbar and Shan-Yu. Because I always thought he'd have got on with the Huns like it's a party. >:D

an intruder )

2. Kingdom Hearts, Castle guards, brief mention of Lea and by allusion Isa.

playing with fire )

3. Kingdom Hearts! You are surprised, yes/yes? :D Also used for #244 on kh_drabble.

we're all wolves here )

4. Echo Bazaar - A most intriguing game, delicious friends

best purchase ever )

5. Yulechat fic! No, srsly. I like Grues! :D

the failing of the hunt )

I picture them as something like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Only more likely to eat people. :D But then I also thought Jumba breaking down laughing over Stitch's impending mayhem was kind of awesome. I just got no particularly malicious vibe off Jumba - he just... likes blowing shit up? XD
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you so much, whatever you choose to write! Hopefully this letter will help make things clearer, although I've not been in a terribly expansive mood lately. So.

Let's see... Likes: Dark, moody, plot-driven stories. Alternate realities of all shapes and sizes. Manipulation and mind-fucking. Hrrrm. Darkness having fun, and the bad guys winning.

Dislikes: Still mpreg. Just. Do Not Want.

Furthermore )
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So. Exhausted.

But. I have Christmas Tree! And I revel in its piney splendidness. :D

Moving and trimming down and moving the Christmas Tree is kind of harder while exhausted and still sick. x.x But, now it is in place and fascinating the cat, I can sleep. When sleeping is done, panicked work on Yuletide will continue.

And, after not getting any kind of answer from the places I tried to call about the hard drive? Talked to my Dad. He thinks he might be able to fix it, or at least take a look at it, and he knows somewhere I can take it to if he can't help.

I wasn't sure if I should point out that the place he was talking about is where Mom went with the same problem years ago and I'm not sure they're still there. But I could check. If I have to.

Goodnight and Merry Christmasy-writing to all!
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1841 words of almost done with Yuletide if I can just pull out an ending! \o/ It's awful and why did it take me so long and why am I so tired wait I know that one.

Meanwhile, I'm only staying up because I knocked my external hard drive off the desk yesterday. And now it's not working. And I want to at least find out how much it will cost me to have it fixed/have the data recovered on to a new one. All my vacation photos and music and screencaps. :(

Just, you know, thankfully I have further backup for my writing.

At least I'm not feeling as crummy as yesterday? Should be good for work tonight.

ETA: Or, I could wait until I wake up, when I might be likely to get an answer. x.x sleep now is good
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Guess how I spent most of my day? Sleeping. And coughing.

Note to self: Stop pretending you're not sick when you are. When you wake up roasting in 60 degree weather it is bad, it is not your imagination. No matter how clever and/or guilt trippy your excuses are, any thought that goes as follows: 'I'm not sick, it's xyz' ?

It is a Lie. lieslieslies

On the other hand. Two hundred moar words into yuletide! Words that bridge a difficult gap, and should allow me to continue later. @.@

Also, re: Re:CoM (look i'm funny. or lame. :P) Donald, dear, stop casting Thunder on those freaky mermen Heartless or I will make a feather pillow out of you. No love. >:P

Or. I could stop using his card in Atlantica. >>
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Let the squee begin! :D

Re:Chain of Memories )

In news somewhat related to the above, yuletide is benefiting from the squee, since the energy not leading me to write Re:CoM redirects easily into the yule-fandom. <3
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Dear Yuletide Santa,

Firstly, sorry this is popping up a bit late. ^^,

Secondly and thirdly and fourthly )
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Well, I've been browsing around apartments online, mostly here and Chicago (because Chicago was squee dammit), just to try and get myself used to the idea. Also trying to look at stuff with an eye to what packing it will be like. Messy, I'm thinking.

Still no word from Dad about anything.

Meanwhile, I just submitted a membership request to [profile] springkink - because I'm seriously tempted to try and participate in this round (my first time >> ) as well as in Yuletide.

Because I hate how much recent stress has been killing my urge to write. And having deadlines/obligations seems to make me finish things instead of kicking them around forever and then feeling lousy because I never finish. x.x

Also! Also I got bitten by what I am convinced is an utterly brilliant prompt which I could never write, and I'm looking forward to seeing if anything comes of it. So I'm trying to think of anything else I might like to see, to go with it, but really there is the one prompt. Because I like to see my fandoms taken apart and put back together in shiny new shapes!

...aeeeii, that made me think of another. This might be addictive? ^^;

Meanwhile I have no idea at all what I'll request for Yuletide. Um. Fail?

Goal for when I wake up: listen to CoM cutscenes until I've got Vexen and Lexeaus's voices back! I really want to get at least the one bloody thing finished before CoM comes to my Playstation. ...yes, 2 months away. But. I am nervous! There will be new voices, and no matter whether they're good or bad, it will still throw things out of whack for me - so much of what a character is like, for me, comes from how their voices sound.

Gah. Look at me not sleeping, here. x.x Okay later! *waves*


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