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If you have a DS, and ever have the chance to pick up a copy of an older game called Contact? Get it at once, it is hilarious!

Seriously, today I defeated a bunch of grown men running around with their arms held out, pretending to fly planes complete with making plane noises. It got me a pilot's outfit, which my character will probably wear at some point.

...I forget how old this kid's supposed to be, but I'm pretty sure he does not have a pilot's license to go with this outfit. Foreboding in the best way! :D

Otherwise, the art is lovely, if a bit old fashioned, and there's a fun cooking system for HP restoring and stat gains, though it does require the 'Mr. Cuisine' outfit. Helps to equip a frying pan you're cooking, too.

Don't you love games that offer a frying pan as a weapon?

Vacation Countdown: 9 days. *bounces*
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Okay. FFIV so far?

I may die of cute )
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Behold! A random update full of ...things. Mostly shiny things!

My tax refund! Which covers the money I lost to car repairs and then some. Now I just need to worry about deposit-money and moving expenses, and assuming I ever work up the nerve, I'll be able to move! <3

...I did spend a little of that on a new external hard drive, though. I keep my writing and photos on that, as well as my music collection - the low grinding noise the old one had been making since its little accident was freaking me out. o.o I mean. My writing. Suppose it had died and there was a surge in the electricity and my computer died too! Unlikely? Yes. But I don't care, I feel better now anyway. ;)

I finally got my refund for the defective dvd/vcr combo of last year. A few weeks ago, actually, and I cashed the check and have been sitting on said cash since. I just couldn't work up any enthusiasm for buying another one. Well, I finally got myself out to the mall area today, stopped in Michael's for much oohing and aahing and a little actual shopping in the crafts section (wheee!) and then to Best Buy?

And started feeling really uphappy. I mean it went from meh to wondering why I'd bothered to come out. So I stopped, and looked at the selection and thought, okay, why am I even doing this? Well, because I feel like I ought to. How much am I going to use this if I buy it? Hardly ever. Waste of money, of which there is not a lot because I am not even touching the refund. ...and what would I rather have?

A DS. And a Wii and an X-Box and every single game I've ever wanted to play, right? ^^; But a DS I can get. And if I wait and check out Game Stop, I might get a used one and thus also have the money for my first game for said DS. And I felt so much better! And tomorrow, presuming that I both get up on time to go out and actually find what I want at Game Stop, I will feel even happier! Yes. That is the plan. Because, you know, I can think of 4 or 5 games off the top of my head that I want for the DS. I drool at them every day when I pass through the electronics section at work! And if I can't find a copy of that FF I cannot remember the number of it but it's the one with Kain and Cecil and Rosa - if I don't find it at Game Stop I have seen it at work. Yes.

And then I'll have to proritize on the other games, though currently that new Zelda one and The World Ends With You are tying. I mean. Zelda! I miss Zelda so much.

...I have this feeling I was going to say something else? But drooling over games has distracted me. XD

ETA: Oh wait, I remember one thing - I passed through the Wii games while I was there, and found this Magnificent Thing which I will someday own? A mystery sort of game played from the point of view of either a tarantula or a scorpion, your choice.

A Tarantula or a Scorpion! How awesome is that? :D I don't even care what the game is about, really, I just want to play as the tarantula. XD
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I am happily exploring the wonderous new world of my new vhs/dvd recorder!

Dude. The setup on this thing is going beautifully, it has so far created no static (but it's only now scanning for channels and will take awhile for that) and did I mention how easy it is to set this thing up?

It has four variations of how you might have to go about setting it up, depending on satellite, cable, etc - and all with helpfully detailed instructions, both picture and text. Actual! Useful! Instructions! XD

Meanwhile, Dusky is thrilled to sniff at every component, jump in and out of the box and generally explore. :D

waaaah, this is taking forever. *tries for some patience, and fails*

Okay! There was a little hangup, and clearly it's going to take me a bit to get used to all these shiny new buttons? But! I have finished installation, and that's about all the excitement I can stand for a bit. Too sleepy for this.

...eeee, I've been waiting for this forever, so happy to see my shiny new toy in place. XD
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So. After my determined bout of sleeplessness to insure I got my game and no else did. >:/ Of course I was asleep forever.

Found out I was wrong about the water working? Still stuck essentially poking it with a stick screwdriver to make it work. x.x

But but but. Legends 2? OMG. I am so happy, and all I did was watch the incredibly long opening animation. XD

First bit of brain breakage: I just slashed Tron with Roll's mother. Augh!!! I didn't realize who it was, and my braaaaiiiin. XD

Not that this will necessarily stop me. But. Initial twitching here.

Also? I hate Megaman's new voice. He reminds me of someone and I'm not sure who? But it is way too obnoxious sounding for Megaman. He was so sweet in the last one, and friendly, and now he sounds just. Yuck! *kicks whomever was responsible for this casting*

At least everyone else sounds the same? Tron! Teasel! omgosh, I missed you guys! <3 But, a department store? XD

Unfortunately, now I have to stop to get cleaning done before the trash runs. Ooops?

ETA: So, the water deal is that he did put in the new motor. But it won't shut off properly, which would lead to it over heating the pipes and breaking them. It has to be run for a minute or two, then shut back off at the power switch.

This is still infinitely better than what we were dealing with.
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Joy! joyjoyjoy, my game has arrived! :D

I have only watched a smidgen of the beginning though, because it is insanely late for me and I should have been asleep. But with the mail getting opened two days in a row, no way was I leaving it to chance.

Meanwhile, the water is running again and my brother's car didn't get stolen. Or towed. More on that later. @.@

Oh! Oh and it's raining.

For a day that started out lousy and persisted through the night and after work? This is ending on a most lovely note. ^_^
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Just a quickie update. Because my current obsession is Megaman Legends: Legends Station All the Legends stuff you can shake a refractor at! :D

Shipping confirmation is a wonderful thing! My copy of Legends 2, which I totally should not have bought right now, left New York today! *waits in the typical so-not-patient way of waiting*

And I'm watching an auction for Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Then my Legends collection will be complete!

...I was going to say something else? But Legends squee and Naruto weirdness drove it off my radar.

Oh! Spring is here, bringing with it delicious Peeps, lovely jessamine blooming, and stupid hot weather. *shakes fist at spring, while accepting rain as bribe* Must try to get decent pictures of the jessamine with my really cool camera. <3
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*sings* Raining!

So, Thursday morning. When I found the loveliest chocolate that wasn't scheduled to arrive until Friday?

I expected just, regular shipping. Overnight or next-day, yes, because it was expensive. I did not expect a huge box sitting on the steps. Inside this box was a small styrofoam cooler. At this point I started grinning. Inside the cooler were a bunch of little air packets for cushioning, and two fake-ice packets!

And delicious Mexican hot chocolate that I haven't even tasted yet, because really I'm saving it for a morale-booster for when math classes suck. ~mmm, cocoa that tastes like vacation~

...mebbe a tiny bit tomorrow. XD The mints are being rationed out one per day. But they're good, so I'm not sure I can keep that resolve.

Meanwhile, I went and looked up a download for embedded videos, and am grabbing the entire season of the Waking the Dragons/Doma/We Are The Cult That Makes No Sense from Youtube. Because this is the crackiest! :P ...omg, Allister just hijacked Seto'n'Mokuba's plane! :D XD

Still need to squee over Seto in the last manga issue, but no time left! *kicks work*
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After making the call I needed to about the college scholarship, and having to leave a message on an answering machine? I go to take out the trash.

I realize I have not checked the mail for a couple of days, and this is Bad.

I find: junk mail, my next bill for the eye surgery, a letter from Lacey (yay! *hugs*) and... a box from California? O.o Who do I know, I ask myself, who lives in California? And why would they send me a box? And what is in this box of uncertain origin?

I start the laundry I had set aside before taking the trash out, and by the time I got in I'd half convinced myself that this was someone else's mail sent to the wrong address.

This did not stop me from opening it, since that was the only way to be sure. >.>

I almost cried. I mean. With the crummy heavy working and the stupid intermittent cable problems and the growing suspicion that I may have missed my shot at starting this semester? I'm feeling really worn out and overwhelmed.

But eee, I have Mint Coffee Bath-Things. There's lip-gloss, and and. omg, I need a bath-pouf, this calls for A Very Fancy and Relaxing Bath! ...I have no bath-pouf, ahhh! XD [livejournal.com profile] shusu! eeeeee, thank you thank you :D

After work tomorrow/tonight, I will have a bath-pouf. Oh yes. And then I will have a Very Fancy Bath to look forward to, after my next trip downtown to fill out some financial-aid paperwork I didn't know about until the gentleman who re-directed my phone call told me I was missing a couple of things. He was at the open house where all this started, too - it's how he knew who to send my call too. I shall take that as a good sign, and keep reminding myself that even if I miss this semester, it is not the end of college or anything. *kicks reflexes of exaggerated panic*

Now, to scoop all the Lacey-bees off my desk, and go get some sleep, that I might actually be awake later on. ^_^
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So, yesterday. I'm finding now I stop to try and write about it that I don't want to talk about college... wasn't bad though, nothing happened. I'm going to have to find out if my schedule hasn't (like everyone else's) been screwed up, before I schedule an appointment for the college placement test.

After that... I promised myself that if I went to college, I would have coffee and a trip to the downtown library, yes? So I did! This was a bit like being on vacation again, really. The library is gorgeous. I wish my camera had survived vacation, I so wanted to take a picture of this huge decorative statue on the side of the building.

Backing up a minute: getting to the library. Well, once I figured out where it was, I had to try and find parking near it. Parking is non-existent except in parking garages, naturally, so I found one I thought was reasonably close. I was so wrong. [livejournal.com profile] shusu, think the distance between our hotel and that bus stop we were starting at. At least. Oh wait - mapquest! ...wow.

Well, I didn't know this at first, I just walked out of the parking garage happily planning to walk. It was an adventure (of sorts) which was the whole point! There was a tiny coffee shop by the name of Einstein's Bagel having its opening day, and hey, there's my coffee - bonus points for not being Starbucks. ;p By tiny, I mean there was just room for the line forming inside, because they were handing out free coffees (only hot and I wanted something cold, it was already too hot for me) and everyone was carefully maneuvering around each other - at least the line didn't take long, I think I was the only one who wanted something that wasn't free. Also, I wanted directions on how to reach Laura St., since I knew when I hit that I only had to go straight on to 303.

Up the road, and left and left... it didn't take long for me to be glad of the nice cold mocha coffee. But I made it there eventually, and that's when my face lit up. I could tell I was getting a few weird looks, but screw them - there's a giant owl sitting on two books on the side of the library. It's holding a lock and when I wondered where the key was and looked up? A few feet above the owl's head. Beautiful. ^_^

There are four stories to this, where most of our libraries are one. It's huge and open and airy, and there's a tiny garden space with a pool in the center on the second floor, and the fourth floor is mostly one huge reading room! Except for a few more private rooms apparently for special functions, and a space for special displays, which is currently housing an African-American collection. And the children's section is the most perfect thing! The entrance is all (fake) tall plants, and bird song and frogs piped in, and then it splits - the very young readers have tiny almost kid-sized shelves and little mushrooms for seats, while the other half moves closer to adult-sizes, but still with the brighter colors and matching well with the kiddie stuff. So cute!

About the time my legs started to feel shaky on the stairs (there are elevators but I like the stairs, especially with that much space around them) I realized it was probably getting late and I needed to take my choices and go. Before I couldn't make it back to the car.

Haul: The Gormenghast Novels by Mervyn Peake - an incredibly thick book containing three novels and assorted essays upon the contents. I didn't realize there were essays until I started typing this, and I won't be reading any until I've read the actual books. :P
Scent of Magic by Andre Norton - I've seen this concept of 'smelling' magic before - first in Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, actually, and then Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. I am curious to see what this one's like. ^^
Pharaoh Fantastic - a collection of short stories of Egypt. Because, darnit!
The Ravenmaster's Secret by Elvira Woodruff - found in the children's section, and the cover caught my eye at first: the Tower of London, a raven, a boy's face in the moon and I thought at first of Draco.

All due back on the 18th of July.

Then ( just for me ;p ) it rained. I might have gotten a block away from the library, and no umbrella, and the books carried in my arms. They'd have gotten soaked if the Ravenmaster book didn't have one of those protective plastic covers, so I'm walking along with the other three tucked up under it and squeezed close to me because I walking a bit fast and afraid I'd drop them. My arm started to cramp up about halfway there. The whole time I'm just staring around smiling, because it was so nice to be mostly enjoying the rain, except for protecting the books. It occurred to me right off how upset I would have been if I'd still had to wear glasses, you see.

I like walking in the rain without an umbrella. Must do that again. Only sans the library books.

Well it took me forever to find my car, because I came in a different entrance than I'd left by, and I ended up feeling a bit nauseous and generally lousy, but I didn't care. Even when I got a tiny bit lost going home, and had to turn around, and stop and think how to reverse my route. None of it started to bother me until I got home, took forever getting to bed, and discovered I couldn't sleep. And I could not to save my life figure out why I could not get to sleep until I gave it up, got back up. Poked around online and started to play with the cat? And I'm looking at the cat and thinking how wired she seems, all excited that I was up and playing with her...

Wired. Coffee. *ding* You idiot, you're still full of that huge cup of coffee!!!

Which is why I had trouble getting anything done today, and felt kind of sick/sleepy/out of it the whole time. But, I got the laundry and dishes I needed done, and a whole 496 words for lost hours when I noticed I hadn't even tried and started to get stressed and upset about that. Finished off the Half-Blood Prince, and I still want to strangle Harry for assuming the absolute worst about Snape, and not even thinking of Draco, who could be dead for all we know, and just general flailing there. o.o;;

Here's to crashing and hoping I can wake up on time, because I'd love to read my YGO already and get started on my Smithsonian book, which I won't take to work since it wouldn't fit in my locker. Besides, somehow that feels too private to be dragging there, yuck. And I have to leave an hour early for that meeting they've been putting off forever - but it really honestly looks to be happening this time. yippie.
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Leave a comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you like starting with that letter. Post them in your journal and give out new letters to your commenter's in turn. NO TAGBACKS ALLOWED, unless a commenter specifically requests to be given a letter!

Mint - Because it tastes like the cold, like power and self-confidence. This always improves my mood, and I really ought to eat more of it.

Music - I could spend the rest of my life listening to, and it wouldn't be long enough. Currently devouring: The soundtrack for Troopers, for Vagrant Story (I haven't even played this game! Though it is on my list of games I want. *sigh* The Fray, which somehow remind me of both Kingdom Hearts's Organization XIII and Samurai Troopers - especially 'Dead Wrong'. The Fray - Dead Wrong

Lyrics )

Mystery - It seems like every story that stays with me leaves questions to be answered.

Maudlin - You know that line emo crosses? The one where you start laughing at the character instead of feeling badly for them? (Or in some cases, curious about them.) This is the name of that line.

Mist - Drifting down from the sky like lazy rain.

Melissa Etheridge - Nowhere to Go, Silent Legacy, I Could Have Been You, Shriner's Park, Angels Would Fall, Into The Dark

Madonna - Into The Groove, La Isla Bonita, Live to Tell

(Resurrection) Man, by Sean Stewart - Put my soul in a book; listen to Jet snark and push and cringe at the edges of the abyss that is Dante's soul. This is what happens when you wake all the sleeping demons at one time.

Magpie, the - see Mystery above, and Sean Stewart. In The Night Watch, an anomaly - is she one of the gods/demons of Southside, attracted to Nick when he was taken to the Bridge? Is 'she' some part of Nick himself, and what would that mean? I can never seem to keep track of how many of Southside's birds are given Names, and figure if she belongs on the list or not.

Mad·ness (măd'nĭs) pronunciation

1. The quality or condition of being insane.
2. Great folly: It was sheer madness to attempt the drive during a blizzard.
3. Fury; rage.
4. Enthusiasm; excitement.

Any fandom I stick with? Someone in there falls under some variation of the above. In extreme cases, this amounts to half the cast. (see: Yu-Gi-Oh, Org. XIII of Kingdom Hearts.)
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Interesting things of the week:

1. My Dad called to tell me my sister was in accident? Started out with "Okay, first thing is everyone's fine, the kids are okay and Patricia wasn't hurt too much" and I'm thinking okay who died?!

Patricia, the kids and the sister-in-law are in Kevin's mom's suv. Sister-in-law is driving. The vehicle hit something and rolled. Only once, thank god, but since my dear genius sister was not wearing her seatbelt? She was thrown around inside the thing. Or as she described "I just sort of floated inside"

So I spent about half the week waiting for her to call me, since every time I tried to call her I got an 'out-of-range' message. Because yeah, Dad said she was okay, only bruised and I think he mentioned a torn muscle? But I wanted to hear my sissie, at that point.

When next I run into her physically, I will of course strangle her for not wearing her freaking seat belt. I don't care if circumstances are such that we don't see each other for 20 years, I'm gonna kill her. Come up to her at her kids' graduations or something and "Hey, remember back in 2007 when you weren't wearing your seat belt? AUGH!!!" and then the cops will take me away.

2. A long time ago, I mentioned looking for this song:

Does Love )

Well, I found it. ^_^ Kurt Howell When the cd arrives, I will be ripping that to share with everyone. Also I will be listening to it over and over.

3. I have Peeps! Plenty of Peeps. :)

4. Also plenty of mint! In ice cream and candy forms. (yes these things are important ;p )

5. I? Am going to be off when the last Harry Potter comes out. No. Work. When every previous release has seen me picking it up at work. In light of this, I have pre-ordered my copy! From Barnes & Noble, who will call me when it arrives, and who have both my home and cell phone numbers so they are guaranteed to get ahold of me. The squee is killing me already XD

Tentative plans: Order a pizza (something I haven't done forever) and get some kind of dessert - like a nice mint torte! So that I don't have to worry about cooking or anything. Get the book, get coffee at B&N, come home and don't stop reading until I'm done. :D The day before will be full of cleaning and nervous pacing and making sure there's nothing at all to get in the way.

How am I going to survive until June 21st?!

6. Caves This will take a bit of planning...
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Well, I couldn't pick one favorite, so I'll just organize by series. ;p

Yu-Gi-Oh )

Samurai Troopers )
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Pairings: n/a
Rating: R (death, some cussing) After the sacrifice at Kul Elna and before he storms into the palace looking for revenge, what’s happening with Bakura?
Yu-Gi-Oh is of course not mine, because if it were Yugi would never in a million years have won! (Or if I caved and he did, he would have won with the help of all his friends, not just the ones willing to play by his rules - which system leaves out Seto and Bakura Ryou. jerk.) (This is more of a mini-rant than a disclaimer ;p )

Acknowledgments: Many many thanks to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] shusu, without whose beta-ing this wouldn’t be getting posted. ^^ All remaining mistakes are of course mine.

Spoilers: So if anyone isn’t current with the latest Millennium World manga? Because there are serious differences bleaching into vanilla! between the manga and the anime? No reading! *shoos away from the spoilers*

Incisions )

Personal context: Little questions lead to big explosions. )
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So, while I was freaking out over what could have happened yesterday, here's what I actually got done:

Before not making to St. Augustine, I pawned my old tv, which has been replaced by a shiny flatscreen that Dad let me have. It was a very old tv, so I got all of $15 for it, 5 of which went to a used video game. Prince of Persia II - The Sands of Time. Because any time something keeps cropping up while I'm looking for other things, I tend to think I should take a look. I just don't know when I'll play it, since I haven't finished FF12 yet! ;p

Got the first round of laundry done.

Finally took out the Christmas tree, which I didn't want to at first. Dusky liked climbing it so much! But when I started to notice branches being knocked off? Time for the tree to go. In spite of kitty displeasure, expressed by circling where the tree was and giving me this annoyed meow. It was all fun and hyper while I was taking it down! But then she must have realized it was gone. ...so now she's been extra-pesky, like 'You took my toy, now you entertain me!'

Got a story I've only been strangling forever off to actual beta-ing!

Afterward: Did much poking around online, which actually led to me figuring out what I'd do when I got up.

Got more laundry done - and how does it pile up so fast? O.o

Piled a bunch of books I knew I didn't want but had been wibbling about trading in, and piled them into a bag. (Oh, but what if I change my mind about this story I know I will never read again! >:P )

Crashed about 12, no idea when I actually fell asleep.

Got myself up at 5, and out the door not too long after that - to the used bookstore! I was surprisingly awake for so little sleep. Made it there in time for some browsing, if not all the browsing I wanted to do. Haul of: Life in Ancient Egypt, by Adolf Erman and Antiquities of Egypt, by Arthur Weigall, with $8 credit left over.

Next door for coffee!

Then back to the Cummer, which now has a mummy. This little girl they think was about 9 years old and ex-rayed when the technology had just been invented. They think the coffin was stolen from another grave, much older than the child, and repainted by people who were copying and didn't know what they were doing. Results of the black market in antiquities, yey. x.x

It was interesting, though.

The first time I went, the cashier in the gift shop asked me which was my favorite, and I had no answer. Pity she didn't ask this time, I could have told her? The lion. This lion. None of the pictures I found do it justice, but this one gets bonus points for having a scale-reference who is also an enthusiastic teacher. ^^ It's powerful and relaxed and beautiful, and the picture doesn't show it? But it's red granite, and it glitters. So if you circle around and you're not quite looking, it's almost like fur shifting as it moves.

...I want one! XD

Which feeling is probably why I was in the gift shop again, spending money I will not let myself feel guilty about: Hieroglyphics: The Writings of Ancient Egypt, by Maria Carmelo Betro and Music of Egypt - a compilation from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I haven't listened to it all the way through, since I was getting myself to respond to the beta? But so far this is lovely: Enchanted Egypt 1 - Phil Thorton and Hossam Ramzy

Soon, I need to sleep. But before I crash, I need to work on figuring out why my scanner does not scan. x.x

ETA: Success! Only I did not figure it out. A lovely technical support person from HP figured it out - apparently Internet Explorer, which I don't even use anymore? Was choking the HP Director somehow. I am not sure of the specifics, but she had me download something that installed itself and had me restart - and joy, it appears to be working fine now. :)

but omg, sleepy. Sleepy. Plan with scanner later crash NOW.
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Or not, but as I am about to go insane with squee... well, I'm blaming it on the insanity. And I've been sitting on this for maybe a week, so it has had time to build:

I. Have. Digimon. Tamers.

Every single episode, even the ones I missed, and I know there's at least one person on my flist who will want copies of this. *_* But I had to wait even after I hunted down the copies, because it's Bittorrent with relatively few seeds (sharing-persons) and there's always the chance that something like that never finishes downloading. But now I shall seed, because I must! *lame Takato voice* I have a solemn duty! ... the lame touchingness of Takato, how I have missed you. ^_^

And and Rika, and Jen, and omg the squee. Why did Digimon never get released in shiny packaged discs that I might have purchased! :(

But now, now I shall burn discs for those who might want them, and seed the shiny files, and generally aid in the proliferation of Digimon! Take that, Yamaki! >:D

Must at least skip to the episode with Rika and Renamon bio-merging, and watch that. Before I try that sleep thing. >.>
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Final Fantasy 12 )

End Part I, as I break for attempted writing and lunch. And due to the fact that I accidentally skipped a scene. x.x At least I saved right before it?

Edit will be added once I return to the game! @.@

ETA! :D On, to the future! )
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Final Fantasy 12 )

ETA: Addendum )
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guess what's so funny! go on, guess!

Success! :D

I Owe Mes (or, To-Do) finishing the squee over the last YGO.
Finishing the fic that's been nagging at me since the last YGO. (erm, mostly. I still have this feeling I'll want to take another look when I wake up)
Laundries. (No. But, it will be better waiting until I get up? Things I wore to the museum can go in the same load! ^^; )
Leaving the house!
Coffee while outside the house.
NaNo!!! *runs in circles!!!* ^__^ Granted, there wasn't much actual writing done. But there was much reading and remembering why I love the story, which I needed badly.

...I'm surprised, I didn't think I'd really manage. Considering I kept wanting to go to sleep all night.

But the museum was lovely! All sorts of interesting pieces, and a little film on mummification, and the x-raying of one late era mummy that was very poorly done. Which had some interesting commentary from headspace, don't you know. ;p

And I did stop in the gift shop. There was no blank cartouche? Ha! But much better, a tiny Anubis-jackal, as depicted in the shiny new icon. ~follow Bakura's line of sight~

~but stay out of it yourself, because things are about to get violent there ~ ;p

Now for more of my most neglected activity - actual sleep! >.>
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Actual success, yesterday, in that I spent two hours walking around in St. Augustine and enjoying the lights. ^_^

I was so worn out by the time I got home that I just crashed into a 30 minute nap before work. Still kind of worn out, actually. Just wandering around trying to level in FF12, which needs its own tag once I think of something appropriate. There were all sorts of things I wanted to babble about, mostly writing-like, but. Meh. Too sleepy, two more days of a seven day run to go. I'll try this weekend, maybe.

Happy New Year to all, and may this one be better than the last. ^_^


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