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And the other Lovecraft:

The Crush of Cthulhu Many Types of Wrong. Seriously. You Have Been Warned, Mortal.

Gormenghast: Even The Roses meeep. Steerpike and Fuschia, just as in the books.

Ghost in the Shell - Standalone Complex: Tachikoma Nights This has to be the funniest thing I have ever read about the tachikoma. They're so cuuute! :D

mmmrrr, I am losing steam. Also, it was Mission Impossible from the beginning. But, there is only tomorrow left, when I'll be downtown trying to figure out student loans and which class I need next anyway. x.x So, tomorrow for a couple more stabs and compiling!

What do these three things have in common? (Aside from gnawing at my brain.) Samurai Troopers, Cutey Honey and the Cthulhu mythos. >.>

Things to do tonight at work: Make a to-do list for the weekend. @.@
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So. Result of dentist visit: All four wisdom teeth need to be pulled, and I'm looking at one root canal, maybe two. All my fillings need to be redone as well.

And, I have a consulting visit with the doctor I've referred to for the pulling, who will hopefully get this done before the new year. Since that's better for my insurance. This visit is tomorrow, at 2.

Tomorrow. After my exit exam. Which has me scared stiff and which I haven't had the time to study for and I am now freaking out and wondering if I shouldn't call in to work so I can spend the day studying for that.

But then, I can take the book to work with me and probably get as much done as I would staying home, where there are many more things to distract me.

On the other hand, I did like this dentist? Not at all the sort of condescending lecturing that I got out of the last one, and the receptionist was very helpful about figuring out my insurance, which I have sadly not kept up with because I never use it.
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Why all the good/at least okay news has to come at the end of the weekend, I do not know.

But: My brother has talked to Dad at least, and shared his version of events. I honestly have no clue what's true or not and don't care. Mostly I was worried that he was hurt somehow, or just going to vanish forever, which would kill Mom and Dad. So. He is okay, and I can just be somewhat worried about the legal stuff and what happens next.

I winz at math! 94% on the midterm, yep yep. \o/

And some progress on the Yuletide. Not nearly enough, but. Determination to succeed is growing! Also, getting a better grip on the main characters, instead of having supporting cast escape into the night with the plot, hijacking little monsters that they are. :P

It is a bit disturbing that the leading character's voice is not so much talking as extremely derisive laughter. >.> I begin to suspect that I just have a thing for laughter. It is very individual, yes?

So. Now for the sleeping, very much needed. <3 and good writing vibes to all!
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Somehow, I ended up energetic and distracted and never did finish anything else that I'd meant to.

Except cleaning.

And thinking about the nameless fanfic-thing, without actually doing anything, until I was final forced to admit that what I needed to do was go and ask dedmerath what she thought of fanfic based on the most excellent Orgy 13 as Twilight Town kids art she has done. Because I <3s them I do. So Many Hearts!

And she said yes! :D Squeee!

...homg, now I kind of need to actually work on this. Now being laughed at by muses. None of them have friendly laughs. Even Demyx has the meanest little laugh, like the kid who makes fun of someone who's been pranked. >.>

So! Over all pleased with myself, because the making sure I got enough sleep did give me more energy, I just couldn't focus worth peanuts. mmmm, peanuts. Um.

Goals for tonight: Signing up for Yuletide! And being poked/badgered/somehow proving useful for [livejournal.com profile] shusu Yuletideness? I phailed there. -.-
Another thousand words for Lost Hours ^^
Work on multiplication practice, as I still phail at that also. :/ By extension, multiplying decimals practice. ...I hate math.
Twilight Town fic, homg. Made of win. XD

KH2 spoilery babble squee )
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We have rain! Wait, lemme rephrase that: RAIN. It probably wasn't too smart of me to go out after my mint coffee in this weather, in fact. There were some scary moments, especially up the road where an intersection looks about flooded out.

But I need mint coffee to waken me for playing with my shiny new camera! :D :D :D

Well, new to me, it is actually a hand-me-down from my grandma? Ask me if I care ;p It is also my early and combined Christmas and birthday presents. Yay me! :D :D :D

This thing is so much nicer than my old camera, which was really a starter anyway but I loved it. :/ But! Now there shall be picture taking! :D

http://www.flickr.com/photos/18114232@N00/1473237663/ Like so! ^_^

In other news, I had to take home the latest math quiz, one of about 5 of us I think? Who had to. It is sitting there waiting for me to finish it up, and I'm to turn it in first thing Thursday. x.x I'm sure I've done horribly, which makes me feel bad because Mr. Lasky was encouraging. Like 'you're good at this stuff, you won't have a problem' encouraging.

And I couldn't finish on time. -.-

And, a squealing has started up in my car that may or may not be the brakes, and I won't know until Friday as this is the earliest I'll have the money and be able to get out there. x.x

Right now, though? No worrying. Only playing with my shiny new camera, and playing FFX. And maybe re-reading the entirety of http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2903858/1/Those_Lacking_Spines, as there is a new chapter out. ^^
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Test results are: 92%

I? Rock. *does the Snoopy dance*
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Well, the water's decent again. I am so relieved, I didn't even want to do my laundry until that had been fixed.

I am for once pleased with what I got done this weekend - which is mostly everything I wanted to get done. Except of course as I type that I realize there are half a dozen other things I could have gotten done... But I took care of the math, and that was the important thing, since we did have a test today. Pretty sure I did well, except for one stupid division problem.

I really should control my spending at the coffee place up the road. $15 in two days, I mean... but it's mint! Mint coffee! You know where else I've found this done well? Chicago. And before that, on my first vacation, at a roadside touristy place I couldn't find again if I tried. Because apparently mint is just that tricky to get done right. So you see, I must encourage them to continue supplying me with delicious mint coffee.*nods*
*not remotely addicted or anything*

I gave myself an ice cream headache sitting at the drive-through, too.

There really is not time to do just to the drama of YGO: Ancient Egypt #6 now. Besides, I don't feel like it at the moment. I would rather sit here enjoying my coffee buzz and scrolling around deviantart, where I have just found an interesting KH au in which it appears Xigbar is some kind of thief and is just about to pick up shop clerk!Demyx. omg XD
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First off, I have barely been getting any math studying in. Not happy with myself, there. Anyone who might see me online during my weekend, kick me, make sure I am doing this? ^^;

So, then there's the fun with the water, which now has an orangish film developing over it. (ewwwww) I have been told this is a hard water problem, and we need more salt in. I have seen these bags of salt, and will be getting someone in the store to do the incredibly heavy lifting for me. >.>

The power went out today, due to which I hardly got any sleep. First I couldn't fall asleep until I opened the window to listen to the lovely rain ...which was of course responsible for the loss of power. Then I woke up at some undetermined point and couldn't get back to sleep because I was baking in the heat, and lay there kind of tossing and turning until the power finally came on - bringing with it blessed air conditioning! At which point I kind of just drifted back off in relief.

Strange dreams the past couple of days, too. dreamsss )
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Tiny update: I have absolutely no sense of time? The repair to my window happened November last year. x.x I'm not sure I have the patience to go through all that again, and for what? Another part that won't last a full year? >:/

I may just try rolling down the passenger side window.

I haven't been dropped from the class so far, and the college website is showing that my paperwork is filled out - so I'm mildly relieved. I won't be completely happy until it's paid for. ...and then I'll be in math class. x.x

I have no milk, because yesterday my brother came by and borrowed mine for the girlfriend's kids. *sigh* I forgot and left work without getting some, and now I'm debating turning around and going back out.

Because, you know. I will need coffee later.
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After making the call I needed to about the college scholarship, and having to leave a message on an answering machine? I go to take out the trash.

I realize I have not checked the mail for a couple of days, and this is Bad.

I find: junk mail, my next bill for the eye surgery, a letter from Lacey (yay! *hugs*) and... a box from California? O.o Who do I know, I ask myself, who lives in California? And why would they send me a box? And what is in this box of uncertain origin?

I start the laundry I had set aside before taking the trash out, and by the time I got in I'd half convinced myself that this was someone else's mail sent to the wrong address.

This did not stop me from opening it, since that was the only way to be sure. >.>

I almost cried. I mean. With the crummy heavy working and the stupid intermittent cable problems and the growing suspicion that I may have missed my shot at starting this semester? I'm feeling really worn out and overwhelmed.

But eee, I have Mint Coffee Bath-Things. There's lip-gloss, and and. omg, I need a bath-pouf, this calls for A Very Fancy and Relaxing Bath! ...I have no bath-pouf, ahhh! XD [livejournal.com profile] shusu! eeeeee, thank you thank you :D

After work tomorrow/tonight, I will have a bath-pouf. Oh yes. And then I will have a Very Fancy Bath to look forward to, after my next trip downtown to fill out some financial-aid paperwork I didn't know about until the gentleman who re-directed my phone call told me I was missing a couple of things. He was at the open house where all this started, too - it's how he knew who to send my call too. I shall take that as a good sign, and keep reminding myself that even if I miss this semester, it is not the end of college or anything. *kicks reflexes of exaggerated panic*

Now, to scoop all the Lacey-bees off my desk, and go get some sleep, that I might actually be awake later on. ^_^
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I have tax returns starting from 1998/99, stuck together in an ancient manila envelope. I have various returns and W2 forms dating from 2002, jumbled together - and there seems to be a ton of stuff for 2002 compared to the others.

But nothing, nada zip for 2006. &%$#@

I went on this horrible nostalgic trip through some of the more painful moments in my life while sorting through all the crap in the only box that might have had the returns. Everything from the car accident to problems with my brother that once involved calling the cops to living with Mom in S.C. waaay back when... like dropping myself in acid.

I have a headache now.

But. I have called Dad, whom I suspect of innocently having kept my 2006 tax-stuff, since he did my filing. And I'm trying to keep myself from dissolving because I know part of this is the time of month - weepy-stupid this time, all the way.

I'd rather be ticked off the whole time. Anger is so much more energetic.

Okay. So, to forcibly inject a positive note - still loving the Gormenghast books. of course a bit spoilery )

ETA: Having been wonderfully distracted, am feeling much better now. We shall see what kind of news I get when I wake up. :)
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Have returned from college (an hour and a half ago... x.x ) with the knowledge that:

1. I should have already filled out this lovely financial aid application which has been given to me, but

2. I'm still on-schedule to start in the fall schedule, as long as I keep a move on, here.

So. When I wake up, I shall be hunting up the tax return and W2 forms needed for this! Also there's information online and/or I can come back to the college's financial aid office if I need help with the actual filling out.

Also while I'm at my hunting I will probably do any number of other organizing things. Crossing my fingers, anyway.
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I am bit exhausted, still. But the CPT went alright? Just, as soon as it was done they were scooting me off to orientation and then an advising session and I wasn't ready for that - being drop dead exhausted and a bit worried about driving home. x.x So I had to call a halt to that, and once I'm ready I'll be going back for the advising.

Now. To drag my butt about getting ready and getting out of the house. Where I shall see a certain movie, and squee, and since it's that time of the month and I want to cry over everything? I have no doubt I'll be crying has anyone *not* read OotP yet? )

ETA: The 10:35 showing looks like my best bet. Gives me a chance to fix breakfast and make some coffee. Also, there's a 11-something showing right after, so if I should miss the 10, I'm still covered. zzzzzzzz
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Today I noticed my first white hair. Just kind of poking through the others. I (I believe understandably) freaked out. ...of course, I also have a hypochondriac for a father plus a tendency to over-react that's all me, so. The scene in my head could best be described as "ohgod I'm going to die an early death from stress or malnutrition or maybe it's the severe lack of sleep lately but any possible cause only leads to my dying"

x.x I'm rather glad I was at work, because the desire not to humiliate myself forced me to get a grip? I'm still a bit worried, but most likely it's just stress - things have been extra-shitty at work, lately. And they're talking about cutting our hours when they start changing our schedules into the randomized crap the day shift has to deal with. Starting the 14th. The first week of this nonsense is up already, and my days off will be Sunday and then Tuesday. %$#@

So, added to pushing myself step by step towards college, yeah. I can see stress. Not that this stops me freaking out completely, just... reduces it to yet another worry. Like my teeth. Which I really should be looking into a dentist for, see above stupidity and apply to teeth.

So, as I got through the night reminding myself: I will be enjoying this weekend. I've got a cheap disposable camera and plan to go back downtown just to try and take pictures of the library there. I will probably be going to this library for the foreseeable future. So pretty and comfortable and guarded by the giant owl statue. ;p

Meanwhile I made sure today was productive, as the electricity is paid and my old badge dropped off (they're insisting we wear them now, and with the bit that connects it to a hook broken for ages now... ) so that a new shiny one will be waiting for me when I get in. I've got a cute frog-decorated lanyard to wear it around my neck with, too.

And my college assessment test is scheduled for July 11th at 9:00 am. The telephone hoops jumped through to arrange this included mention of a couple of links to help me prepare, which I will be looking up later. But right now, I need sleep.
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So, here's the deal: Really crappy day at work. Seriously. I refrain from going on and on because I did enough of that there.

So. This did not prompt me to go in to the college, as I am exhausted and cranky and slightly freaked out. It did get me looking through the catalog on the college website a little more seriously, with an eye to what I might enjoy doing in the long run - or at least, enjoy more than cashiering.

Which is not asking for much, as I expect I'd enjoy herding pigs more than cashiering.

What I'm thinking of is the Digital Media/Multimedia Technology course. With the eventual wild ambition of possibly learning to/becoming somehow involved in the process of - making games. The very idea of which makes me slightly giddy, zomg.

But, with the more immediate practical goal of getting me into a job that might start out around 26,000 - I think I'm at 18,000 roughly? Latest tax return I could find was for 2004. And. Better than cashiering.

The only thing that worries me is the maths involved. But I think there is a placement test for such. *gulp* Really though, for this? I think I could make myself study math until I forced myself onto a level that's good enough.

Now to sleep, as I can feel my concentration dissolving, to be replaced with random silly images such as a tiny game-me doing battle with giant numbers, and making a game where you play a cashier whose goal is to tick off enough customers that they become a mob and attack the store.
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So, I finally nerved myself up to call downtown campus and ask what my next step should be. And oh, the joy, so much still to do. x.x And it's back to what I've started thinking of as "o no college!!!" angst. ...I need a tag and an icon for this.

But what it amounts to is she thinks I should go in and see a career counseling sort of person. Again. They do walk-ins from 8:30 to 11:00 apparently. ...yeah, not today.

However, I'm thinking about it this weekend. If I can nerve myself up for that. I'm thinking of bribes, actually, along the lines of coffee and the downtown library, which was rebuilt sometime last year and I haven't seen it yet. And possibly the Cummer Museum, too. Depending on how long I could stay awake...

I cross my fingers but will make no promises in this department, as failing to keep such would only leave me more incredibly disappointed in myself.


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