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I am a lump! A lump with her MRI scheduled for Wednesday, and who will soon be sleeping. But this post is not about that. This is post is about my insane cat.

My Dusky, the mighty hunter. Bringer of dead lizards to mommy, because mommy apparently does not get enough protein. :P

Who ran from a cricket this morning like it was after her soul. XD It was the funniest freaking thing. She was stalking it as usual with small moving things and then it jumped towards her, she jumped straight up, scrambled coming down and hauled butt out of the room.

I ended up catching it and trying to show it to her and she ran from the plastic container I'd trapped it in. Sloooowly comes back, as it might escape at any moment and devour her apparently. Eventually she calmed down and took a swipe at the container? But I released it outside the house, because I can't save the things she's already killed but I could darn well save the +awesome cricket of terror. ♥

I think I shall have a soft spot for crickets now.
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Okay, so, apartment-hunting and writing and everything? Not going too well.

Though my Yuletide assignment is made of win and making me happy even as I trudge through it trying to get it to take off. :)

But. Must-share amusement!

Dusky is in the habit of trying to have a sniff of anything I'm eating. Even though I don't let her have anything except sometimes some tuna, because cats+tuna = OTP.

She keeps trying, though. >>

She just got a sniff of lollipop? Her head, it could go no further back without detaching from her neck. XD I've never seen her react like that to anything but lemons. And she was giving me that slit eyed offended look. Like I did it on purpose. XD

Luckily, a good long scratching means all's right with the world. But. I do not think I will look at lollipops the same way anymore.
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So the water? Is still not working. I spent my morning over at Dad's house washing laundry so I'll have clothes to wear to work.

But I rescued a spider from my cat? Which felt really weird, but well. I have this thing about cats and small helpless things. 'Thing' being, if it can't defend itself from the cat, I feel obliged to save it. Which in this case involved staring at it to try and figure out if it was venomous or not - I don't think so, I think it was a very young wolf spider. Not as compact as the types more likely to be venomous and inside.

So! After getting a glass and a paper towel, I returned to shoo Dusky away from this sort of tiny thing cowering in the corner. Trapping it on the wall didn't work, because I couldn't get it onto the paper towel. So I knocked it on to the floor! (Crossing my fingers that it wouldn't go flying, since I'm mostly-okay with them now but I promise nothing if it actually lands on me. ^^; )

Success! And I carted it outside, where I thought it had somehow miraculously gotten out of the glass since I couldn't find it. Brownish/translucent spider + tinted glass = invisibility. Eventually I found it again, by tilting the glass around in the light from the garage. Shook her (him?) out into the grass, and all was well!

Except inside. Where Dusky was still in that corner looking for her neat new toy. XD I mean, she saw me catch it in the glass. She batted at the glass trying to get it! But somehow, the significance of me and my spider-containing glass leaving the house escaped her.
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15 Behold The Spookiness!

That? Took me about 2 & 1/2 hours. Possibly it would have been less had I not constantly stopped to take pictures (and rinse pumpkin guts off my hands). Two of the legs aren't quite right, top right and bottom left? But I don't care! It is excellent for my very first try!

Also it's creepy. >:) I tried to get a decent picture of the shadow it casts, but of all the good dozen pictures I took of it lit, this is the only one worth sharing. The shadow seems to be a lost cause, not that that will actually stop me trying again another day. ...I hope it lasts that long?

But it was fun, especially with my little kitty helper sticking her nose in! A roughly step by step view can be found here since I didn't want to clog anyone's flist. Except for the finished product. >:D

Also! Meet my new Xweetok :Toshiotada named after Shuten Doji of Samurai Troopers. This is all [livejournal.com profile] shusu's fault, including the fact that I was late waking my Dad this morning because I was distracted trying to figure out how (and if) to edit that page. ;p

Probably later, I will edit it? But for now, more goofing off earning points - do you see the armor on that page?! Must. Have. XD
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This seems impossibly short somehow. )
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In the oven : my attempt at making a mint brownie. By splashing some mint extract into the spoon I was mixing it with.

It seemed like a good idea at the time? Only it seemed slightly lumpier as I was mixing it. Also I think the fact I could smell the mint means I overdid it. >.> I guess I'll just find out when I try to eat it. ^^;

Went to the mall and found not one but two Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists that I didn't have - I guess they did run #7 last month, along with Millennium World #1. Yay! Also a tiny amoung of clothes shopping done at the mall.

On the other hand, I didn't make it to the library in time to pay my overdue fines and check anything out. But, I will be going back tomorrow since they're holding something for me. And I need to pay those fines. -.-

One of the joys of cat-ownership: For every 8, 9 times you are in awe of her grace/ability to reach places you didn't think she could? (Really, or you wouldn't have stuck the breakable/edible plant/forbidden object there in the first place)

You get that 9th or 10th time when she 1. Slips off a bookshelf and only lands on her feet by virtue of having them pointed down to begin with
2. Runs to greet you with the purring feed-me-'cause-I-luv you!-routine, slips on the uncarpeted floor and goes sliding across the room to come to a halt on her side at your feet - then looks up without moving and promptly begins purring in the hopes that you'll assume she meant to do that.
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I love my cat. I must remember that I love my cat. Even though she just caused me about an hour's worth of aggravated phones calls about the cable not working, and darnit I knew I paid my bill! Even though I will now have the embarrasement of explaining to my Dad that she whose name shall now be Plays-With-Wires must've unplugged it!

I love my cat.



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