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Okay. First off, the wait at the bookstore? Was actually a lot more interesting than I thought. I figured I'd end up sitting in a corner playing BoF II on my Gameboy, but I actually ended up joining one of the trivia teams completely by accident.

No, really. I was playing and I kept looking up to answer questions, and finally when the team nearest me was completely stumped, I ended up walking over there and telling them. Thus I was invited to join the team!

The team name was S.P.E.W. XD

Lots of other things going on, stuff being thrown into the crowd and things. Then we all started to pile up at the front - they gave us wristbands when we came in? Gold for people who had reserved a copy, and blue for those who just showed up. I was gold (of course ;p) #136. They called us up in lots of 50, and when lot 100 through 150 was called, I said goodbye to my teammates and scooted.

spoilersss )

Meh. I've been poking at this off and on. Feeling drained and worn out, still. So I give up for now.
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Too freaking sleeply. And that took rather longer than I thought it would, but then I was taking my time and stopping at, erm. Stopping when I felt I needed to stop a minute. *nods*

And there will be re-reading tonight, and I'm sure a nice long lj-cut post full of squee. But right now? Especially considering I only managed 4 hours of sleep yesterday?

zomg crash must yes
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Back from my cake and pizza run, and I'm shaking like a leaf after nearly being in a wreck.

Guy's in front of me, right? No turn signal, and they suddenly stop. I slammed on my brakes, heard them squealing and felt the car smack into the one in front of me. Torte went sliding off the front seat. Very, very lucky that it was just the bumper connecting, and not a harder impact.

Of course the torte is smudged up now, and not the very very pretty thing it was when I left the bakery.

But it could be worse? Sure it will taste just the same.

Glad I have time to calm down and stop shaking before I have to get back in the car, though.

ETA: Okay. Having breaking of one pizza slice and one (not as small as I thought :o ) slice of torte.

This is really good cake.

Also it's about to rain, so that's nice.
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I have:

1. Ordered my mint torte, from a for-real bakery that does nothing but baked goods! As opposed to picking up a cheap something from work. But it's a little over $30. ...yeah. o.o;;

2. Placed an order for pizza, online! mmm, pizza. Should be ready by 6:00, which won't be too long after I pick up my torte?

3. Plan to leave the house around 7:00, that I might wait for hours upon hours for HP7 with the rest of the insanely eager people! The B&N promotion for this was on the news this morning, which made me smile.

For once I will be there!

But for now there is shower before sleep.
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And enough of that, because I don't think I could stand it for the whole entry. Read more... )


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