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I? Am not coherent. And actually about to try to sleep.

But must attempt squee!

Tabula Rasa. Spoilers like damn, man )
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I should be working on my vacation squee, except I want to take more time with that. So it might resemble something interesting.

Or it might still be babbling sparkly eyes. ;p

Meanwhile, I wake up horribly late! But still remembered tell-a-friend Friday: New SGA people! Shiiiny. Full of hot guys and girls, and McKay. I'm not sure what McKay is. But he's hot! And smarter than you! (At least intellectually speaking, let's not get into emotional maturity or we'll be there all day.)

Dammit I miss Ronon. And knives! Ronon brings the knives, yup. >:)

And because I have no decently shiny links, go forth and poke shusu! For she brings the shiny! :D

FF12 )
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Ha ha, biology. Ha. *forbids self from thinking or making judgements while emotional*

...except in the case of Cavanaugh, who clearly needs to die. dieeee *hissstabskills*

Before I Sleep?

spoilery cutting, SGA Season 1 )

And I made my icon! Which has turned out serious looking, rather than silly as it should. But there's a painful lack of anything Nobody-related. Where are the decent screencaps already?!
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Staying up until a little after 12? Not conductive to 'Gate watching.

Still! I have made it all the way to The Defiant One. :D

The Genii are scary. And they live in Dali village, omg. XD I mean! Cutesy rural farming village! Antiquated clothing! The conviently unattended hatch to the below ground chambers of doom and weaponry! I half expected them to come across Vivi in a barrel down there.

I will never play Final Fantasy 9 again without thinking of Atlantis. XD

...but they never explained why the Wraith in Defiant One was so tough. I vote for the cannibilism having instilled extra Wraithy-ness!

I am giggling way too much at 'wraithyness'. Also imagining chibi-Wraith. Time to crash now.

(Or even worse, chibi-John keeping pet chibi-Wraith. He will give them all names, and they will plot his destruction behind his back, and stuff.)

Also there was drawing done. Nothing I'm really proud of yet, but I worked.
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The family gathering fell through due to car trouble on the other end.

Elizabeth stalled twice while in motion this morning.

And I'm just feeling slightly nauseous and upset. Trying to get myself to calm down, but it just keeps wanting to rise up in a mindless scream or I want to curl up and cry and just. Neither of those things is helpful.

Feeling completely useless and like there's nothing I can do to help myself? Complete bs and also not helpful.

Probably, what I'm going to end up doing is seeing how the car runs tonight, and going from there. (read : if I can put this off until next paycheck I will, and if not it's back to Pepboys and worrying about how much it will cost if I have to leave her with them.)

This weekend, try to make something artsy that is good enough to sell, because I want to believe that I can but putting it off because I'm afraid of failure means never getting anything done - and I really don't want to take a part time job that's just like my full-time job in order to get more money.

Also, watch the SGA Season 1 dvds that I bought while kicking myself over money I shouldn't spend, but we were going to stop carrying them and I wanted them, dammit.

And work on writing if there's time/if I feel inclined, but I am craving an art break anyway.

ETA because I am annoyed with myself for being upset, and because this is a happy link. Those Lacking Spines Go forth, and read the Kingdom Hearts II satire! You don't even need to know KH II to enjoy, though it is slightly spoilerful for those who haven't finished.

But the satire. The choice of heroes and the explanations thereof. ...I want to make icons for the characters from this. *adds that to weekend's to-do list*
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Notes on having finally watched SGA's newest episode:

Spoilers cut, just in case )

Ending here because I have to run to work.

Note to self- when did I start fangirling Michael? Because that's a bit creepy. >.>

ETA - It occurred to me at work, of course. Michael = Bakura. "I am ever so sincere. You'll believe everything I say, despite all common sense - I'm that convincing. Innocent of all malice. Watch as I strive to do the right thing! ^_^

It's just that there's this tiny hitch of my plotting your destruction behind your back, because I'm not who I seem to be. >:) "

Picking up where I left off!

I get to play with Spoilers, I get to -etc )


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