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A belated Happy New Year! And general updatingness.

I have a new computer. It is the shiniest and most awesome and I am horribly biased. But it's 6 gig of memory and 1 TB of hard drive and soooo shiny. *sparkly eyes go here*

Yuletide this year was pretty awesome, I did better than I have in awhile, I think. And I had fun, and it's been too long since I had fun writing. I was crazy with the firsts this year, too, I added... *counts* 3 or maybe 4 new fandoms I have written for, depending on how separate you think book and film fandoms are.


For Want Of A Horse My first Discworld! Moist von Lipwig and a town some people might recognize.

Yuletide Madness:

tempering exile My first His Dark Materials! Iorek is the most awesome, don'tchaknow.

on the way My first Dark Crystal. :) Aughra is awesome, as is Kira. I always knew I liked Aughra, but I didn't notice how much I liked Kira until I was writing this.

an exchange of problems This is the book vs film fandom, and while my knowledge of the film has influenced it somewhat, it's def. the book. And the book - Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM - is much better. And the prompt was fantastic, I could not resist.

upon a dream My first Princess Tutu! I love Rue and Ahiru and the vauge yin-yang thing between them.

And now we come to the only fandom I'd written before. XD Two for Samurai Troopers:

in the sea of the sky It's meant to be a steampunk au, but reads just as well as a spaceship one apparently. *shifty eyes* This might have something to do with the fact that I was entirely faking it re. steampunk, I had only the vaguest idea that it involved shiny airships, I was totally relying on my knowledge of and love for Troopers to pull that off. And it worked! :D

Of course, now the idea won't leave me alone and I am learning more about steampunk to try and do this justice, but I make no promises because I don't want to disappoint anyone, including me.

pinata This is the last thing I wrote, in the frantic moments of waiting for the Madness archive to go live, and and. And it's crack. But it's happy crack! :D

So, all total, 7 fics! And counting the 5 things I wrote for kh_drabble over the year, that makes 12 things I wrote. ...I think that's all I wrote.

I need to write more this year, but I am leery of making resolutions because that seems to jinx me. I have some! I'm just not talking about them in case they vanish. :x
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So. Work is still crap, though other things have improved. Allergy season has come, with all the pretty flowers. :P

Though I do love the jessamine, which is already fading.

Writing that I got finished up yesterday: work on the Despicable Me/Harry Potter crossover that started as a drabble for Yuletide.

Margo's letter )

at the station )

Writing plans for this year include really getting serious about tackling my backlog of works-in-progress/things I wish I'd started. To that end, yesterday I reorganized my writings folder too! Now instead of it just opening to a bunch of folders with everything I've ever written for, most of it really old poetry? All the stuff that's just poetry/I have no intention of trying to write for is tucked into a new folder labeled 'old stuff.'

Because I am super-creative like that. *shuffles off to playing more Pokemon*
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So worn out. My sis and her kids are gone, and I don't know. It was nice while they were here, but now I'm back to feeling uncreative and depressed. x.x PMS-ing, too, so that doesn't help.

So I was poking at this thing http://iwl.me/ and got everything from Dan Brown (x.x) to Oscar Wilde, J. K. Rowling, Chuck Palahniuk, and Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft with things where I was trying to be creepy.

Now I'm just sad because, well, don't I have a style of my own?

Then I look at the art I've got scanned, and the writing that is finished - even some of the ones that aren't - and it's like... I know I do, but I can't pull my act together. It's not consistent. :/

Sometime this weekend I will share some of that art - I just can't run anything else on this computer when I've got Paintshop open. Old computer is oooold.

Two things that I've mostly stopped doing, that I used to do all the time when I was more productive - taking notes, and trying to be lyrical when I'm writing. Because maybe I do get distracted, but if I'm not feeling the beauty in it I seem not to write at all.

So, going to restart FF9 for the second time this year, and this time pay attention. I think my idea at the start of the year, refreshing myself on everything I love, was good but a little too ambitious - maybe I don't want to write a story for everything, but I can do notes. *nods*

If this works, expect more posting from me, along the lines of "Hi this is a thing I love! This is why I love this thing!" *crossing fingers*


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