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So, I've been a more or less unhappy lump except while reading? Though I have enjoyed the cold weather we've been getting. We're under a hard freeze warning right now. News on the radio while I was driving informed me this is bad for our fruit crops. Well, yes, duh. :P

In an effort to remind myself that not all is woe and sadness (which it feels like, which I'm hoping means hormones time again - damn my inability to keep track of this) some things I have enjoyed this weekend:

1. Finally started playing FF10 again. I can't remember why I found the game play for this so frustrating before? I'm really enjoying it now! If I'm not the last person in the world playing FF10, then here be your spoiler cut )

2. I have torn through The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife. Seriously, I haven't read anything this fast in forever. I'm trying to slow down a bit on The Amber Spyglass, but I'm already halfway through and might finish it before I go to sleep. Just one note here: Spoiler for the Amber Spyglass )

3. It being wonderfully cold and clear, I was able to look up several times while walking around outside and see Orion and a scattering of other stars. Also we have a nice half moon.

4. And lots of progress has been made on the screen-capping of KH II. I just haven't gotten around to uploading them. And it's such a pain for such tiny files that I might wait until I'm done, condense them by worlds, and throw them up that way.

Now! Bills paid up, clicking of dragons done for the day (I have a boy silver, yay!) and time for bed. *leaves hugs and encouragements for all*
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Firstly, I have favorited Demyx working at Starbucks at deviantart, because it is Demyx and mint coffee, and that made me drool. ;)

Second, more FFX! lost in spoilers, er, time i mean )
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Tiny naptime, and then maybe I will get something else done today? ^^;; But the math was the most important thing.


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