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Dear Once Upon A Fic Author,

I am so sorry, I know my requests make me look like a sock! I had nearly missed the deadline, and meant to go back in the one day I had remaining, but then got exhausted by work. So here is all the information I typically put in little blurbs for the prompts, in case I forget to write a letter, only this time it's happened the other way around. ^^;

In general, I like: Happy endings, most of the time. Found families, and courage, and people thinking their way out of problems, even though I don't mind a good fight either. I like worldbuilding, and magic with consequences, and alternate universes that take the basic shape of a story and run with it to some strange new land.

Please no: Incest, vore or watersports. Non-con is also right out, although dubious consent is a sometimes, if it's more of a battle of wills between two equals.

12 Dancing Princesses: One of my all-time favorites, and the image of the underground forest has stayed with me always. Anything seems possible with this - how did the princesses even find a place like that? Did one of them maybe make it, or had it always existed under their kingdom. Was there a reason, beyond loving to dance, that they kept doing it. Didn't the poor cobblers ever get tired of making So. Many. Damn. Shoes. ;p

The Boy Who Drew Cats And speaking of things that have stayed with me! I don't even remember when I first ran across this one, but it has such a lovely atmosphere. I wonder, what happens after everything is over? Is he ever able to draw cats that come alive again? Why might he need to, or why might someone in the future also discover a need for that very particular skill?

Fandom: De vilde Svaner | The Wild Swans - Hans Christian Andersen Okay I have a thing about swans - basically they are fantastic and beautiful and also powerfully territorial assholes. This is not a point against them, mind. Just you want to watch your step with giant lovely murderbirds. So. In all the time that she was working on those shirts, nothing tried to stop her? She just completely without incident went around gathering nettles in all the sometimes unpleasant places nettles tend to grow?

Nevermind the poor boys are swans by day and human at night. What kind of an effect does that have, if any. Did they have swanish temperaments before they were changed, is that what gave their stepmother the idea? Or do they find themselves changing, for better or worse, constantly slipping between the two.

The Lady of Shalott - Alfred Lord Tennyson How does this even happen?! Why is King Arthur's England crawling with distressed maidens of noble birth! Surely they must outnumber everyone. :P Narrative convienence and the joy of mocking it aside, how did this even happen? Was she under a curse, or was someone trying to protect her, or even was there something she might have done that might have changed later events in regards to the great tragedy of their time?

Just. Why?! I love ths poem and the imagery and yet I cannot help but feel there is something very strange going on here.

Most of all, though, have fun exploring the story. I am sure I will love whatever you write. <3


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